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Thursday, January 21, 2010

DOME (20/1/10)

DOME @ Subang Parade

Dome originated from Perth, Australia?

This is my 2nd time visiting dome.
the first time was.. *I don't know how long ago!*

Dome is famous for their coffee and gourmet cakes!

Coffee? I would rather choose Starbucks, if you ask me to choose.
But why not I just give it a try this time.

Went to the Dome @ Subang Parade straight after my class.

Having a yumcha session and I met new friends.
mr J & mr Chua

to be honest they are funny and friendly,
that is the reason why I am able to mix with them too.
Bull shitting with each other for not more than 2hours and I went back home.

well what did we ordered? to be honest I forget about it.
So I am trying to search at Dome's official website, but the website is down!

a Caramel **** & a Honey Comb

Their drinks are not bad! I don't mind visit Dome again!
but don't forget, for the drinks I ordered, price range from RM13-19

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Today was a fairytale
Taylor Swift


  1. Luckily only the site is down and not the shop. Ahem, it is still down NOW. I bet the Dome is a Malaysian company. They just don't care for an online presence.

    The drinks look good but pricing wise, a bit steep!

  2. @LeoCw, yeah the website maybe they are constructing or what.

    in terms of pricing i choose starbucks? sorry yea didn't get the photo for the drinks!



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