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Saturday, January 23, 2010

MAPCU edu fair

shocked that I went to edu fair?
actually just accompany my blabue!

went for lunch with her @ Secret Recipe mid valley
this is the first time we dine in together at Secret Recipe

Ordered spaghetti and ice lemon tea.
the food is not that nice, but I still have to finish it right?

and after sometime enjoying there, went to the MAPCU edu fair.
the crowd was still okay.
get to see Taylors, Inti & of course Sunway UC!

oh yea I saw Ie-win there! long time no see! =)

then went shopping with my girl!
bought a basic shirt from ****
after surveying around, Zara's pants is not so expensive =D
around RM139 or 189 you can get one. is it due to the CNY? =.=

fetched her back school and I went home through Federal, slight jam but still bearable.

there is a SURPRISE for all
*wonder if it is a surprise for you all*

Do you DARE to open the door
and find out what is inside?

do check out my blog TOMORROW (24/1/10)
and I will reveal it.

I'm listening to
Emotionally Tired (The Next Room Remix)
Platnum Ft. Ironik


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  2. waaaa lunch at secret recipe woo... :D yummy

  3. @Nikel, but their cake really nice. other food, I give it 4/10 only.

    @Kenwooi, wow! what you study?

    @HenryLee, you try it before? I don't think it is really yummy!



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