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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

I know Valentine's day is coming.
but this post is to join the
Nuffnang contest

We are required to write a post about: My Valentine's Day with one of my favourite superstars in Valentine's Day (the movie)

and I decided to choose Taylor Swift

Today, It is 14-2-xxxx

Yesterday night when I asked her if she would like to celebrate valentines day with me,
She accepted my offer.
I told her that I would like to bring her to lake side.
She laugh happily & we started to chat about activities there.

I were so damn happy and I quickly pack my beg, not to forget that I had prepare all the surprises for her.
I knew that this is the best time & place for her to relax, since she is always busy with her celebrity life.

I wake up in the morning & drove my 4 wheel drive to fetch her.
Along the journey, I can see that she is really excited about it.

We reached the place and I park my car.
I use my hand to cover her eyes and I guide to her to the lake side.

1...2....3 !

She felt so happy that she can't even describe her feelings right now.
First, we trek and cycle around the lake

Then, we have a light lunch which I had prepared yesterday.

Next, we canoe around the shallow area of the lake
and have fun swimming.

She is tired thus she went back to the resort and rest
I told her that I would like to visit other places but actually I need time to prepare the surprise for her.

In the evening, sun set.
I blindfolded her and I brought her to the lake side.

She is so excited and ask me what am I doing.
I open up her blindfold.

She look at the Weekender yachts I prepare for her, decorate with shining light bulbs.
I know that she can sees I LOVE YOU from the decor of the bulbs.

I tell her:"I love you my dear."
she replied:"I love you too honey."

I brought her into the yachts and she saw the candle.
she looks happy!

Later on, she feel so shocked after I tell her that I wants to cook dinner with her.
I cook her favourite beef steak for her.

and we enjoy the candle light dinner.

and of course while enjoying the dinner, we can observe the beautiful sky.
I have no idea but today the sky is full with stars.

I switch on a romantic music and I dance with her.
while dancing, fireworks appear.

I am sure that she knows that the fireworks is prepare by me.
She told me before she loves fireworks.

After the fireworks,
She says:"Dear, thank you so much. this is my best ever valentine's day.
I hug her tightly under the moonlight.


Photos credit to Google images

Nuffnang please give me the tickets alright?
thank you!


  1. whoa its amazing!

    i wish this gonna come true in reality for u and taylor hehe

  2. Hmm.. do it with you dear and tell us bout that!!!!!

  3. Gaining the ticket or not, it would definitely be sweet and romantic for your girlfriend to go through such an event!

  4. Wow sounds like a really romantic date!
    Go get the 'girl'! - the movie tickets i mean ;)

  5. @CripsyCaiHong, the time I am writting I am thinking of my gf only lol.

    @ Wanyee, haha! why would I tell you!?

    @LeoCW, thank you so much! ^^

    @Alyssa Villamor, i would like to get the ticket too! =)

  6. hope you can win the tickets la...I also one of the contestant oo...



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