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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year eve - Part 1

New year eve

I wonder how did you all enjoy New year eve, why not just tell me! =D
Planned to spend some time with the LM gang so called LM retards.

LM retards had been gather for 3 years consecutive (2007 -2009) during the new year eve
and I attended twice! looks like it will be a norm for the LM retards to celebrate together during the new year eve.

at first fetch Wei Jie from his house, Jia Chie & Tsae Shiang from S.Pyramid.

we gather at 1utama &
had a
sing K session @ Neway 1 Utama

Christmas decoration at the entrance of Neway

since it is so early, so everyone need a warm up first
guess what they sing?

The food
not really nice, but I am too hungry!
so just finish my own Set.

After finish eating my set
continue eat the buffet - salad
*too hungry*

with Jia chie, Jingmun, Shuxuan

with Jia Chie, Jing Mun, Shuxuan
Jee Seng & Wei Jie

Farhan & Wei Jie

Group photo

Group photo before we leave Neway

Wei Jie who made a deal with me
I fetch him and I get my BR
but ended up I
pay half of the bill.

Wei Jie & I

nd guess what! Chun Yan (LM ex-ex-ex Presiden 06/07) joined us shopping freak who shop alone!

shared my BR with them lol T.Shiang & Fiona

The dry Ice from BR

Group photo without me before Farhan leave

Goodbye Farhan miss you bro!

went to LAM MEE YA
to had lunch

Interior Deco- Food

Interior Deco- Drinks

Food they ordered
I forget what type of Lam mee

Obviously it is delicious!
look at how Wei Jie eat it.

stay tune for Part 2

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