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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year eve - Part 2

New Year Eve
- Part2

after eating Lam Mee, decided to walk around and camwhore.

Wei jie saw this cute little girl,

and he just kiss it!? *small little girl corrupted*

LM first album cover! leader: Boon Wei =D

went to GSC, while waiting the others I decided to...

Camwhore with movie poster!
The Princess & Baboon

Wei Jie the next Legion

LMguard assassins

well enough!
time for the movie!


2hours 45mins? I can't even feel that it is long! a
perfect graphic movie!
desperately need to watch it in 3D now!!
Now I will support everyone to watch this movie!

it was 10pm after movie.
everywhere you go, the restaurant is full.

The Crowd

1. Sakae Sushi - FULL
2. MC.Donald - Q is damn long
3. Tony Romas - need to wait for 2 hours?! *NAH*

and lastly the manhattan fish market!
which require to wait for 30mins only!

while waiting!
rest for a while at a random place!

later on, met
Yi Shin at manhattan fish market

and also Steph

our foood!

stupid photo!

at about
went outside and wait for the fireworks!

without countdown, and here you go with the

Before we leave the Curve
*pose it*

walked to our car
I know most of them stucked at the jam, but
Shuxuan stays at BU so she knows where to park
and we can just get out easily! ^^

went home bath and played mahjong
From wearing a normal spects

to wearing shades!

I am still playing mahjong! =D

Somehow, I don't know what happen
all of them just gather and watch PORN
it is actually an MV!
*i forget what MV*

well just slept! and waked up around 10am

JeeSeng the Snore king

eat my brunch - popiah
which we made it ourselves

later on Went homeeeeeeeeeeee! =)

really enjoyed that day! ^^
guess it is just another 364 days and we will meet again!

Photo credits to: Tsae Shiang

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