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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nuffnang - Tooth fairy movie review


first of all, THANK YOU so much
Nuffnang who gave me the ticket to watch Tooth fairy.

  • Director: Michael Lembeck
  • Writer: Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia, Randi Mayem Singer
  • Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Julie Andrews, Stephen Merchant, Ashley Judd, Ryan Sheckler, Billy Crystal, Seth McFarlane
  • Duration: 125mins
Tooth Fairy centers on Derek Thompson, an intimidating hockey player known for his ability to knock out his opponents teeth with his deadly charge. He has the ego to match his huge persona and makes sure that everyone around him knows who’s boss. One day he unwisely shatters the dreams of a young fan by telling them they can never grow up to be a success. This causes a domino effect that lands him in Lily’s (Andrews) fairy headquarters. He’s sentenced to two weeks hard time as a tooth fairy, and from that point on cliched laughter and slapstick gags ensue.

the tooth fairy wonderland begins, when Derek received the summons

Derek first visit to the tooth fairy land
P/S: wearing tutu (this is the part I Lol)

the Tooth fairy "god mother" (Julie Andrews)
who in charge of all the
tooth fairy

Derek with his officer - in charge of him(Derek)

Derek with his girlfriend (Ashley Judd)

Derek with ice hockey suit

Personal Rating
Plot: 5.5/10
Action: 4/10
Effects: 4/10
LOL-ness: 9/10

overall rating: 7.5/10

Personal Comment
My first impression is that this movie will be a good laughter movie after I watched the trailer. But I am super shocked that, this movie even make me LOL in the cinema.

I am sure that, Billy Crystal, who is the tooth fairy inventory supplier for Derek make us laugh like mad.

The plot seems good but sometimes there is lack of connection, is like the movie plot seems to be jumping for me, which results me to just give 5.5/10 for Plot.

For the effects part, I think there is lack of giving us to see the tooth fairy effects.
You know, more effects will just attract me. But it seems like the fairy magic looks low budget and low quality.

and lastly, if you are totally emo or tired or whatever, I hope you go and watch this movie.
I am pretty sure after this movie, you will feel better.

Thanks to
Nuffnang , TGV Cinemas & 2oth Century Fox

I'm listening to
Rise Again- (Dedicated to Haiti)
Shaggy Ft.Sean Paul, Sean Kingston,
Etana, Tessane, Alison Hinds & Destra


  1. Okay great. I trusted your taste har, I'm gonna watch it asap XD

  2. @ WanYee, if you dont laugh means u r a mad fella
    @Nikel, thanks brother! =)

  3. I wanted to watch this but not quite sure if I should spend money.

    Anyway, I'm still not sure. Lol.
    Oh and good luck for your tests!

  4. Nice review, buddy
    I don't think I will be iterested to watch this one :-D

  5. @Henry, yeah sure! =)
    @Jan, how much is a movie in Singapore?
    @Satria, you don't like small kid movie?

  6. i watched it too... not bad... lol XD

  7. I haven't seen it yet but I assume that The Rock play a silly character. I don't like that kind of character like Vin Diesel play in a movie as an FBI (or CIA) baby sitter agent. I forget its title

  8. i follow this nuffnang tips from negosyo pilipinas to get more ads



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