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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunway Lagoon


Date: 8/1/10
Time: 11am - 6pm
8 attended: ME, Jason,HonLeong, BoonSiew Dharsh, ChingYoon, Winnie, Sine Yee
Price: RM48 (with Mykad) - 2 theme parks

Winnie plan this outing since the Final exams.
so finally 8 of us agree to crash Sunway Lagoon.

I remember rain stop at about 10.30am, thank god!

first, some photograph company want us to took some photo before we enjoy our theme park.

look at our great smile

posing with
the Sunway Lagoon duck

our first ride
360 degree pirate ship

they didn't know that it was a 360 degree, especially Jason, Hon Leong & Boon Siew

actually if it is continuously swing, it is okay but you will be hanging in the middle for 5 sec
which makes me think that, this ride is quite scary!

Next the Spinning tea cups
is able to spin your head right round
*end up you will be like me*

continue to the suspension bridge

Jason smile happily but you can ask him.
Do you afraid of heights?

then we put our begs at the locker, RM5 for each opening.

my favourite water rides
trying to reach to the end, and I did it.
we played more than 3 rounds!

and you will definitely need a tube to play this

cowboy ride

Did I mention that the surf beach is closed?
because the day before we go is Ne-Yo's concert!!

it was quite tiring! but we enjoy the day!
Last photo of the day
after we clean up ourselves

the end.

Listening to:
7天追到你- 林宇中


  1. i refreshed the page.. but duno why i cant see the pics in this post.. all i see is an empty box.. but i can see the sunway lagoon's logo at the very beginning of the post.

  2. @WenPink, thank you so much for informing me!
    I am sure now you can see the pictures!



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