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Sunday, January 24, 2010


SURPRISE or not.
see it yourself.

dare to open the door?
dare not, so peep in





what so special about it?

1 more time!
observe carefully.

Yes! I colored my hair

it is
schwarzkopf - purple (4-89)
(CLICK HERE for Reference)

well. still remember the last time I colored my hair is
during Dec 2008, after SPM!


back to the surprise. surprise? lol.
it is okay. cause I don't give a damn if you don't like my hair color or what.
cause I had been thinking, I am now 19 years old, who knows 3 more years
I might be working, do you think I still color this kind of color?

Obviously no right. Accountant --> PROFESSIONAL!
bound by the ACCA Codes of ethics. (T8)

oh shit! reminds me of results is coming out. *SCREAM*

anyway, as a good boy. I did ask permission from my parents.

back to the process of coloring.
1. bleaching.

after i wash my hair, scary! *omg*

2. colored the hair color!
purple (4-89)

3. next, they apply a chemical. I am not too sure about it.
but it makes your head feel kinda like "spicy" feeling

4. wash it out!

5. treatment time.

6. TADA! =)
it tooks me 2&a half hour!
and spend RM120 for it.

anyway, Stephen says that purple color will drop easily
due to sunlight that likes to absorb purple?

so I am using Schwarzkopf colored hair shampoo
to prolong for 30 days more.

hopefully it will last 2-3months.

and lastly, do whatever you think is rational to do now!
not commiting crime! =D

thanks to Stephen (hairstylist) & Lily (Stephen's helper)
and also Cathy for getting me the discount!

the end.


  1. geng... my colour.... wear purple shirt wear purple contacts... come find purple princess... kk... on on !!!! handsome liao... camwhore so many pics summor XDXD

  2. OHHH... ying chai... not bad the colour... haha

  3. @piggy family, later my gf come kill your PIG family lol.

    @Henry Lee thanks! =)

  4. i like ur new hair colour le! not bad ^^

  5. Where did you get your hair done???
    Nice colour
    I've always wanted to dye my hair but I'm so afraid that it will spoil my hair =(
    My hair is very fragile, like babies' hair =(

  6. you know.. i've never dyed my hair before..
    looks cool on anyway! =)

  7. hey!! i wanted that hair color too! but i am afraid of the outcome!! dont know whether its looks nice on me or not as i not that fair for that color!! >< anyway, its pretty nice!

  8. @Krazy, thanks yea! spot me today. =)

    @Raven, it is at 8 days hair studio(Taipan,USJ), wonder if you know this shop.
    did you dye your hair before? if no, please take the test first before you dye alright? later you are sensitive to it or what.
    Fragile? then you must inform the hairstylist first.

    @Nikel, thanks. y not you have a try?

    @Kenwooi, go and have a try.

    @YenMe, I just saw newspaper today that purple is actually suitable for Fair people. if you are not that fair, but still consider fair, why not give it a try. Thank you so much.

    @Bruce828, thank you so much! you should give it a try to?

  9. if i spot u, should i call u baboon? =x

  10. krazy, I did ask if you are krazy too! =)
    nice to meet you! must be enjoy the movie.



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