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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wrong fitted bra?

Are you wearing a

After u read the title, don't think that you entered a pervert blog. =)

This is also an information for the guys!

Understand girl's stuff before you tackle them. ^^

actually I am just curious what does the number and cup size means.
For example: 34 B ( what does 34 means? and what does B means?)

So now I get the answer!

You measure around your chest, right underneath the breasts (but not including them, lift em up if ya have to) that is your number (32,36,44 etc, etc) then measure around your chest again but include your breasts this time, now for every inch larger this measurement is than the first one, you go up one cup size. so say your chest w/o boobs measures 34, and with it measures 38, that would be 4 inches difference and therefore be a D cup. so your bra size would be 34D.

If you still don't understand? ask me personally.

And surprisingly I found out that, most of the article says that
the Survey shows that at least 80% of women wear a wrong bra size

The most common mistake is wearing a band size which is too big and/or a cup size which is too small.

For example, the average bra size is quoted as 36C, most people wear this size should actually be wearing 34D or 32 E bra

Here are the most common bra misfits for women.

1. Back Band Riding up

lift up your arms to see if the underband is sitting on the body and that the band is not riding up at the back. If it is riding up, this may means that your band is too big.

2. Cup Size too small

Look at the sides and the top of the cups- it is important that the breast tissue is completely encased by the underwire at the side. Is there any breast tissue bulging out at the top of the cup as well? Try a cup bigger to prevent yourself from having a double boob effect.

3. Back Band Overstretched

This is one of the most common problems for Malaysian women, wearing a band which is too small for them. When your bra leaves red markings on your back, it means that the bra is too small & you need a bigger band.

4. Shoulder straps digging in

The underband of a bra provides 80% of support for the breasts, with the straps providing just 20%. If the bra straps are digging into your shoulder leaving red marks, this is because the underband is too loose and the straps are doing most of the work to support the bust
-Recommend that you try a smaller band size or loosen the straps.
(Credits to: Bed of Roses S/B brochure)

For more info: CLICK HERE

Now guys, you know all of this already,
teach your girl friend or perhaps transfer the knowledge to them.

I'm listening to
J Rice


  1. Don't really understand the measuring part, haha. By the way what makes you interested? Haha

  2. @wanyee, you must understand all the girls stuff, no matter emotionally or physically! ^^
    tmr i explain to u lols!

  3. @ Zahidah, do often visit me! =) you will get good info! anyway thanks yea!

  4. i dont wear a bra... lol... maybe my mum will need to read this post... wakakakaka!

  5. @NIkel, no problem!
    @Henry, lols! you can help your girlfriend. =D

  6. @baboon, henry dun have gf. pity him.

    I know this few days ago when buying a new bra what you is indeed true. Especially about 80% of girls wearing the wrong bra and 50% of those that wear the wrong bra think that they wear the right bra. Haha.

  7. thx for your info...althought i wasn't people who wear bra

  8. wah.. this is so informative!
    how long did you take for the research? haha. =P

  9. babebaboon is actually a bra

  10. 0,0 bra expert 0,0. Must call you si fu already.

    Regards from cr3ap

  11. dis is yr hottest post lah! lol XD

  12. @Supia, you are right! =)
    @Kumfye, thank you!
    @Kenwooi, research for less than 2hours =D
    @KF, no I am not a bra expert.
    @cr3ap, sifu here thank you!
    @Daerahku, thank you!
    @Leng, thank you so much! =)

  13. Shit even as a girl I didn't know some of the stuff above there.

    I fail as a female. Lol.
    Oh and the Satio selling here at SG is about SGD800. :D Checked it out for you. :D

  14. @Jan, thank you so much! =)

    @Nemo, thank you so much! =)

    do be my regular blog visitor! ^^

  15. it solves all the cup issues i wondered for so long...=)

  16. @LiveLife! Very good this is how i share information!

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