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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

12 moments online boutique

Why do I want to talk about this online boutique shop in my blog?

Continue read and I will tell you about it!

You see there are many online boutique shop out there, but what is so special about this online boutique shop?

Had you seen a online boutique shop with story plot?

I know many of you is still wondering STORY!?
what kind of story?

Beauty & The Beast?

it's actually a love story between 4 character.
I am not going in to details! =)
* you have to read it*

There will be 12 chapters of story, *that is why 12 moments?*
1 chapter per month, 4 parts per chapter.
2 sets of clothing will be out every week along with stories

it is not just as simple as selling 1 dress for you and that's it.
this online boutique shop will provide you set of outfits complete with nice accessories.

girls out there, you don't have to crack your head to think of what to wear cause they already pair up the accessories with your outfit.

The outfits provided by 12 moments are also cater for different personalities.
Coolness? Shyness? Sexyness? Friendly? =)

to read how the author start this business
and how the author came out this idea

Examples of the collection
(CLICK HERE for more!)

Interested in it?
do not wait anymore.





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