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Monday, February 15, 2010

XiuQi's birthday!

birthday celebration

Date: 12 Feb 2010
Zinglicious , Subang jaya
For more information CLICK HERE

Attended: Ryan, Hwa Siong, Jim, Jack, Jason Tuang, Jason Loke, Jeff, Hoong Kin, Hon Leong, Martin, Kenneth, Chua, Royce, Shereen, Nicole, Pauline, Kevang, Sine Yee, Wee Ying & I

the Food - Buffet style
forget to take all the food but these are few of it.

Once we reach there, around 7.30pm the food already prepare but not all the food! we have to wait while we eat. the food that is get ready looks delicious cause we are too hungry.

But we still have food waiting for us to eat.
What I don't like about it is that all the delicious & nice food we need to wait for the chef to cook.
Since it is a buffet style all the food should get ready when we reach there but some of the food (most of the delicious one) came out 1 by 1.

eventually I think that the chef is very smart, feed us all the lousy food first then only cook all the delicious food for us to eat. =)

overall the food is still alright. rating 7/10!

with Jason
*brother with same hair color*

with Hon Leong, Sine Yee & Kevang

with Jason, Kevang, Sine Yee & Wee Ying

with Sine Yee

the guys with birthday girl!

with Hwa Siong, Jim & Jason

ALL GUYS! with XiuQi

The girls!

Cake time

*wonder why so small? cause we are damn full to eat cake anymore*

Present time

Figuring out what is it inside?

it is
DKNY delicious night perfume
from all of us

card for her!
*design by Shereen*
message from all of us!

I'm listening to
Telephone (remix)
Lady Gaga ft Beyonce



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