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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chinese New Year gathering (Feb 20th)

Feb 20th
-Shereen's house CNY gathering!

thanks to her mum! we had Dominos Pizza! =)

playing Jeff's Nikon D90

playing Shereen's Canon eos 300D

celebrated Jason's 18th birthday (22-2)
Shereen:" Lai la!"
Jason: "emmmmm so sweet!"

lick that candle

and bite it out!

nice boxer

Group photo
went back at 3 pm plus!
met my LM gang @ my house!

Gambling Babebaboon
in the house

proceed to Wei Jie's house! =)
and to Kai Lin & Shuxuan's house!

Dinner - Dumpling

with Jing Mun

Group photo

with Liang
Gambling again!
the end.

I'm listening to
DJ Laz ft Pitbull


  1. wah ur cny visiting program is much much more happening than mine lol! and the cake, from cake sense rite? =P

  2. @ Krazy, you are so smart! it is from cake sense!

  3. ur xtvt is full much family joy fun with u..join me..heheh

    from Nikel Khor



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