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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 3,4 (17-2,18-2) Bali Trip

DAY 3 (17-2)

7am breakfast at the hotel.
8.30am depart from hotel for another full day sight seeing tour to the North West Coast of Bali.

#1 Tanjung Benoa, enjoy round glass bottom boating to Turtle Island

I thought the boat is made from glass, but...
its just a small portion of it.
get to watch fishes!

After enjoying the beautiful scenery for 20mins.
We arrived at the Turtle Island

obviously there is turtle in this island.

with 10-15 years old turtle

with older turtle (20-30 years old)

cousins with 80 years old turtle
*so heavy, 1 person can't even carry it*

turtle is not attractive enough, so they have

charming Chameleon

Eagle, smelling my hair?


Cousin who loves snake -anaconda
*someone tape anaconda's mouth*

it's getting hotter! so we chill around.
Before I went back, bet on the chicken fight between
Lee Xiao Long vs Wong Fei Hong
I bet Lee Xiao Long win, and he won!
win RM10,00010,000 rupiah (rm4)

I wanted to play para sailing, but too many people line up to play so I decided to give up.
Many tourist start to arrived and it is so pack & noisy!

Next stop, proceed to #2 Mengwi - Taman Ayun known as the second largest royal family temple in the island, dating back to the 17th century.

someone is praying!

look at the roof, from 2-3-5-7-9-11
the higher it is, the higher the status.
(for example, for roof 11, only Royal family can use it to pray their ancestor)

buffet lunch @ Labhaga Restaurant

from the top view!

it is so chilling on the hill, but it is so bloody hot at Kuta!

next we visited #3 Lake Beratan- Ulu Danu Temple

group photo!
*sudden dark sky, thought it is gonna rain*

the background matches with my hair isn't it?

we bought strawberries, and it is super cheap at there!
it is around 20,000 rupiah for 1 big box! (less than RM10)

I am kinda excited to visit my "friends",
#4 Alas Kedaton
, holy forest inhabited by more than hundred of monkeys.

a monkey waiting for us at the entrance.

bats resting

tourist looking at the bats.
a guy who take care of injured bats!

Best photo!
saw a monkey playing with the frog
He is so damn naughty! He is trying to open the frog's mouth, but the frog refuse to.
He gave up and throw the frog away lol.

last place to visit #5, Tanah Lot
visit the holy rocky temple, temple built in 17th century

After visiting, we spend some time at there to buy souvenirs.

Went back to Kuta.
@ Warung Bandung Restaurant to had dinner (Indonesian's food),
I still prefer Thailand's food.

Back to hotel after dinner.
END of day 3.

Day 4 (18-2)

free leisure!
get to wake up quite late and went to had Spa with my parents.

After that went to a Kopitiam to had our lunch and shop around.
I bought a board short! =)

Before we went to the hotel, took a pict of the
Memorial (2002 bomb incident)

forget to mention that the place I stay is hottest spot at Kuta.
lots of ah mo lang and also club/pub.
Now you know why the bomb incident happen here right?

7pm, night flight back to KL.

reached the LCC Terminal,
wanted to buy the Black Label 100 years limited edition botol,
but screw it! NO MORE STOCK!
how about Bailey's? NO MORE STOCK!
end up get a Sheridan

Johnie Walker, Black Label 100 years
Limited Edition

normal edition


I'm listening to
Animal Party


  1. Nice pictures!! And, the monkey was awesome, haha! That must be very funny.

  2. so nice black label lagi...beh tahan lor

    from Nikel Khor

  3. lol the monkey n frog really intrigues me x) imagine it oso luffing x]

  4. @Nikel, I didn't buy it ! No stock! =)

    @Domno, that picture sibeh funnY!

  5. Nice shoots here. It makes me think and decide to have my vacation there and visit bali villas.

  6. I hope I could have my vacation there with my special someone.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Great read.. I have been there this September.. Bali is hell of a beautiful place!! Would love to go there again and again...
    8 days of adventure in Bali



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