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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Date Night

I went to Singapore to meet my college mate - Ben, which is now working as a Managing Director of a public listed company. We used to be very closed last time but due to each other busy schedule , we lost contact eventually. One day , I found him appearing in the newspaper for some award presentation ceremony and immediately contacted his company. We had a great conversation and he say he wished he could meet up with me . So he invited me to go over to Singapore , and I was thinking, why not ? Since I am having my year end holiday and I had no plans at all.

I am sure that Ben had prepare everything nicely for me.
Food & Accommodation - CHECK
Singapore tour - CHECK
Flight - CHECK
basically he just provide me everything I need for this trip.

Arriving Singapore at about 11am, and I checked in to the hotel.
Giving a call to his private number and it seems like nobody answered.
I was thinking what had happened because he had asked me to contact him immediately after I landed in Changi Airport. So I decided to call up his company phone line.

It seems like his secretary says that, he is having an emergency meeting with the board of directors due to some problems occur.

I felt a bit of disappointed at that moment as I was waiting so long to meet up with my old buddy. But expectedly, his secretary told me that someone will be able to accompany me to tour around Singapore today. Typical Ben which always had been an organized person .

At about 1pm, I waited at the lobby and saw a lady in her 20’s wearing a simple floral dress walked to the reception and ask the receptionist to check what room I’m staying .
I heard my name mentioned so I went up and say hi to her. I was shocked when she turned and looked at me . I saw the girl that I used to bullied when in college standing in front of me stunningly , Alicia.

We both laughed when we saw each other . She said that she still remember me! and of course do I.
She tells me that, actually Ben had arranged her to meet me since we both knew each other and she could give me a tour around Singapore . It was a surprise meeting her though .

First, she suggested that we will be heading to the Singapore Flyer - Ferris Wheel first.
It is one of the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel. After bought our tickets , we were in the gondola spending every minute enjoying the view of the whole Singapore . She was showing me all the famous spots around Singapore but suddenly the gondola shaken a bit and stopped . Our gondola had stopped at the highest point of the Ferris Wheel and I had expected her to scream and hug towards me. But I was so wrong , she was no longer that timid girl last time .
I saw her closing her eyes, resisting all the fear.
Her hand was shivering for a while and I knew that she was still afraid . I went to ask her if she is alright, she answer me that she’s okay.
At the split moment, the Ferris wheel continue to work and we both had been silenced till we get off .

Next, she brought me to the Sentosa Island- Universal studio.
We visited many places.
But the most memorable want would be Jurassic park the lost world.
I remember that rain starts to pour down while we are entering the park, we have no choice but to run to the nearest coffee shop.
We were all wet, and the first thing she do is to run into the toilet and clean herself up.
Her lips are shivering and at that moment , I offered my jacket to her .
We have hot coffee at the rest corner and started to talk about college life.
How we participate in activities, How we bully the lecturer, and how we fail our exams!

I had never been thinking that she will be so talkative and friendly cause my impression on the Alicia back then was a shy and timid girl.

Later on, she send me back to the hotel.
And before she left, I said thanks to her and invited her for dinner to thanked her for the whole tour at the Equinox Restaurant around 8pm . She just smiled at me and walked away . I was left standing there wondering that’s a yes or a no . But I decided to give it a try as my heart was eager to see her again .
I put on my best semi- formal attire and catch a cab to Equinox . I checked my watch and its 15 mins before 8 . So I waited for her and she’s not seen appearing at the main door even 5 mins before 8.

But when the clock almost strike 8pm , she appear at the main door catching her breathe and asked the waitress to direct her to our seat . She was stunning and gorgeous even just with a little black dress on and a pair of stilettos . Simple yet elegant .

We were both enjoying the dinner and enjoying the night view of Singapore at the 63th floor of the building .

We decided to go for a walk after the dinner.
So we went to the park nearby and walked around the park . I was busy chatting with her and didn’t realize how hard is it for her to walk in those killer heels .
I made the move to sit down at a bench and I saw a sigh of relief on her face. I asked her to take off her heels .

After resting, she says that she need to go back. So I accompany her to the car park.
She said thanks to me and give me a great smile. I took her number too.

It was a wonderful date night. Actually this is my first time dating a girl which I never think that I will fall for her.
Hopefully I can date her next time!


This post is for contest purpose.
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  1. frigging long post lahh bro~ LOL

  2. great story! good luck for this!! come check mine!


  3. yeah lor, i thought it is a true story until the end when you said it's an entry for a contest, then i start to doubt if it's real or not :P

    well sweet story, btw! ;)

  4. @Domnodragon, lol I just write till 3am
    @JayLeo, it is for contest purpose--> FAKE story
    @M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥, thank you so much!
    @Ilyani, checked yours & comment at your post!
    @Conan_cat, thank you so much!



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