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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot (Adv)

Surfing the internet is essential for me!

From surfing the internet

to Blog

to Twitter

to Innit - Nuffnang

and to spy my girlfriend
to have a video conversation with my girlfriend
when I can't meet her up everyday!

So where do I actually do all this thing,
it is a private place which is MY ROOM!

But why do I consider it as best spot?
1. I can grab any stuff I feel like eating and just eat in front of the computer.

2. I can drink Sheridan's coffee,
when I am super tired but still trying the best to update my blog!

3. When the weather is super hot outside reach up to 38 degree celcious
I can switch on my air-conditioner and relax in my room surfing the net.

4. I can lock myself in the room doing something every guy who have girlfriend will do.
Which is having a video conversation with girlfriend.
Video conversation with your girlfriend is not a private stuff, but doing all the funny expression get your girlfriend's smile is a private stuff which I don't want my family members to see it.

not going to show the funny expression, but this is the print screen, she showed me
her dog!

5. Internet connection speed up to 1mb/s,
will increase my efficiency of surfing the net and reduce the time spend surfing the net.
But it is just bull shit.
Most of the time when I tell myself I want to spend 1 hour on surfing the net,
I actually spend up to 2 hours.

6. I can jump into my bed anytime when I feel tired after surfing the net.
Switch off the light and just sleep.

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