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Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat!

"Baboon, I saw sweat dripping from your neck!"
"Baboon, do you need tissue?"
"Baboon, do you need to chill for while?"
"Baboon, is it very hot?"
It will never end!

You see I am that type of sweaty person!
So girls, you can't accept it? Then I am not your type. (Anyway I am Unavailable too)

Let me share with you my SWEATY lifestyle.

For those who is really close to me, they know I hate HOT.
If it is HOT means I will become sweaty.

You see, I will never wear BLACK and attend an outdoor activity.

Black seems to absorb more heat makes me feel even hotter.
(Example, for the Gatsby event, I will wear bright color.)

Next, choosing a right place to eat to prevent sweating.
Forget about the "mamak" shop or hawker stall at Penang.
Eventually, I will look for seats which have a fan to blow me directly.
I won't feel comfortable eating while sweating.
Thanks to all my friends who bare with me on this.

Baboon, what do you want to eat today?
I will never answer, CURRY MEE!

it is HOT enough + SPICY = more sweat!
Unless you let me sit under a windy fan, I might consider Curry Mee.

I am sure the past few months ( January till now) is really suffering.
The weather is getting so hot, that I need to stay in a air-conditional room for 24 hours.
Even a fan speed 3 blowing me is not enough during the 12pm sunny day!
So how? Bath 3 times a day will makes me feel colder.

I have no idea why I sweat easily but after studying Biology during form 4 & 5.
The scientific reason is that, our body works best at 37ยบ Celsius.
When our body gets hotter than that, our brain that controls temperature - Hypothalamus sends a message to our body resulting in sweat glands to produce more sweat, this results in more HEAT LOSS when sweat evaporates.
And the effect is to decrease our body temperature back to normal.

Pictures of me sweating @
Broga Hill

Thank god! Adidas came out with this product!
Adidas Action 3
Fresh Anti-Perspirant Spray

24 hour protection
new dry max system

cooling fragrance

Hopefully no more sweaty Baboon!

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  1. LOL... i always wear black.... what to do, media guy appearance :p

  2. but if u wear bright colours wun the sweat stain show more obviously? =x anyway goof luck haha =D

  3. i wear black sometimes.. when feeling like it.. dont really bother will sweat or not =P

  4. black rules. =D curry mee sucks. LOL. n bro the pic of u at broga.. zomfg like u showered with your clothes on!

  5. along to post ur broga hill photo..nice..

    from Nikel Khor

  6. @Henry oh yea you working at?

    @Krazy, wear white then! =D

    @Kenwooi, black looks cool

    @Domno aka Jason, lol! do you want to test my sweat?

    @Nikel thanks! =D



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