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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skybar (20/3)

Finished my Progress Test 2 and it is time to enjoy!
Went to Skybar
Date: 20 March 2010 Time: 9pm
Venue: Skybar, 33th floor of Traders Hotel
Attended: ME, Boon Leong, Penny, Sine Yee,
Amanda, Amanda's Mum, & Uncle Ben

Excellent interior decoration with a swimming pool in the middle.
The bar

No Door Charge/Entrance fee
Drinks are pricey
Cocktails - minimum RM34.50 nett
Redwine - minimum RM149.50 nett per bottle

Sound system and Music
DJ of the night pump loud music, don't think it is suitable since it is a bar.

Enter at 9pm and it is average full.
All the nice seats such as cabana and window seating is BOOKED

so we have to seat a lousy seats next to the pool.
Baboon @ Skybar
1. Classic Martini (Sine Yee)
2. Shrley Templer (Penny)
3. Fresh Martini (Me)
4. Manhattan (Boon Leong)
5. G Gose Orange (A

After our cocktails, around 11pm
Amanda's mum & Uncle Ben join us.

The waiter give us a window view!

Uncle Ben treated us 1 bottle of red wine and white wine.
*Thanks! =)*

Get to chit-chat with friends makes me feel so relaxing.
Nice view from the window!
KL Twin Tower
*close down the light to save electricity?*
Stupid pose
Group photo

after that went to have a mamak session & went home!
Photo credits to Sine Yee!


I'm Listening to
Unthinkable (I'm Ready) (Remix)
Alicia Keys Ft. Ron Browz

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  1. a gud place to hang out too..better than the curve..nth to see



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