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Monday, April 26, 2010

Cousin's daughter FULL moon

Cousin's daughter full moon
Date: 17 April 2010
Time: 8pm
Venue: Sri Ayutthaya @ Wangsa Maju

the main focus
Baby Alicia with the mum
My cousin organized his daughter's full month at Sri Ayutthaya.
Around 10-15 tables for that night located at the 2nd floor (top floor)

the baby looks damn fragile.
I don't really dare to hug it, only my parents dare to hug it.
And the baby loves to sleep! She can just sleep sleep sleep while people exchanging to hug her lol.
She have no feelings at all.

and heard that this baby naturally came out on the right timing, so it will going to be pretty!
According to the feng shui master.

It seems like I am getting order, cousin's are having marriage and family.
When is my turn? haha. the cousin's daughter need to call me Uncle.
If you would have ask my friend, when do you want to have your marriage,
they would probably say they want to enjoy their life, they don't want to get hooked up until 30+.
But it is totally different from what I think about marriage.

okay back to the interior and etc.
Using cheap quality camera, results in cheap quality photos!
But I do still want to share with my readers.

Table's set up
The crowd
Some kind of decoration
but it is REAL
Flower decoration
Customers at the first floor
Something I miss out, didn't took the foods at all, the only reason I can give is..
I am enjoying liquor! ^^
The thai food was not bad, but where is the Tom Yam Soup?
It is an 8 course meal.
Let me see, there is 4season Dish, Pineapple fried rice, Mango Kerabu, Fish, Brocoli,
Tiger Prawns, Shark fin soup and lastly Pumpkin's desert!


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  1. cute baby gal.. :)



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