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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Date Night movie screening

Date: 13 April 2010
Time: 9pm
Venue: TGV 1 utama

Invitation by Nuffnang after completing the contest! Thank you nuffnang!
You can check it out what I submitted HERE

Reached there quite early so able to collect tickets at 8pm.
Then only went for dinner.

I were sitting beside there and I saw KrazyGal. I think this is the 3rd time bump into her?
The bench I sit were not comfortable, somehow the screw is loosen!
Spotted JackieLoi sitting 2 rows in front of me too.
FYI, I am sitting at N1 & N2.

9pm the movie starts.
.....Greek mythology....
and the story continues lol.

I have the feeling it is Clash of Titans, and I heard some of them say it is Clash of titans.
I don't mind watching it, cause I not yet watch it before.

Somehow they stop it, and delay it till 9.30pm only starts!

I am sure that those who watch it will say that it is a nice movie!
Somehow not really well plotted but still okay for me.

It is an action comedy that is why this movie is so funny!
Looking at Steve & Tina acting to be Personal assistant?
They get freak out and reported to the police station.
See how they get too tensed up
The way they talk really make me LOL.
I remember 1 part when the cab bump into their car, the facial expression of the cab driver really makes me go insane! Scream like a sissy!

And also 1 part they have to dance a sexy dance! Especially the Robotic Sexy Dance!

Personal Rating:
Plot: 7/10
Action: 7/10
Comedy: 8.5/10
Overall: 8.5/10

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Electronic Music
Sean Kingston


  1. Haha, so early and u always get nice seat! next time ask u collect for me also =x btw have u got the ip man invites yet?

  2. Still got time to watch movie. So good. Wanted to watch this la.

  3. i couldn't get a good seats T_T and didnt manage to meet u up haiz :(

  4. sissy sial ! hahaha, and the part Mr.Foster scolded d topless macho man.
    PLEASE PUT ON UR *@$#!@#) SHIRT !!

  5. why didnt see u during the screening?!

  6. @Krazy, haha I get the invites for wednesday, the one with 85 people that one!

    @ Amelia, this movie is super funny!

    @ Connie, oh yea! next time get your number or what lor!

    @ JayLeo, haha! the whole movie is funny lar!

    @ Nikel, you going to the Ip man?

    @WenPink, lol U SERIOUS??!!

  7. ah..seems like alot ppl recommend to watch this movie. but i just no chance to watch



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