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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gatsby Deo. Street Fair


Date: 17 April 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Berjaya Times Square, KL
Attended: 500 + bloggers (LARGEST bloggers' gathering )

Reached and met Henry , Supia , Ching Yih , Krazy , Spectre , Lemon & FeeQ

Lining up for the registration
Took the goodies bag
and changed the Red shirt
*wonder why is it not blue?, nuffnang- blue right?*
Since we register first, so we started to play the games first.
Fishing deodorant
*focusing with Ching Yih*
Next, Ring the Bull
*this game is bloody hard! no points earn from this game*
MC stop all the games to gather us for the photo session
*stupid driver with P license park there? spoil the whole picture*
Stop asking me if it is a Thailand incident protesting the government at KL
we just wear RED
Walking around and spotted
Niki Cheong
* it is quite easy to spot him, just find a guy with black hat.*
and who is this?
Audrey (4feet9)
*feel like asking, you didn't wear the red shirt?*
Opening ceremony
Malaysian Book of Records Founder- Danny Ooi &
Nuffnang co founder- Timothy

It is time to show some power moves.
Lets go climb the Gatsby mountain
I know it is not that tall, but first time trying this kind of climbing.
Get ready
So everyone were saying, I am a Baboon.
Definitely I can climb right?
Exhausted face
*manage to finish the climb at 2mins+*
guess who did I spotted.
Fiona and Wendee
*first time meeting them, I sincerely apologize to Fiona for not recognizing her.*
*loyal supporter of nuffnang*
my friend introduce Teh Tarik to me.
and I finally talk to Jloi
Introducing the monkey family
Henry Lee(Clevermunkey), Feeq(Little monkey) & Henry Tan (Baboon)

We had our lunch at Old town kopitiam
invited Jee Seng to come along
*luckily he enjoys too*
Continue to play some games
and around 3.30pm, I redeem my points.
this is all the item available to redeem
collected about 76 points
redeem a Gatsby Moing Lock Spray & Gatsby Outclass technical clay
the moving rubber I gave it to Jee Seng
and lastly I am so envy that
Vince's friend - Joanne won a Nintendo Wii
1 last time, I met up with Jason, Henry, JayLeo, Spectre, Krazy, Vince, Feeq, 4ft9, Supia, Liki, Carmen, W3ndee, Fiona, ShiTeck, Wen Pink, & Jee Seng
(did I miss anyone? just comment below k?)
Thanks to Nuffnang for organizing such great activities, I get to meet more Nuffnang-ers!

all photo credits to Jason
& Henry

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P/S:due to termination of internet connection, I am facing difficulties in updating blog. Using people's wifi now.


  1. Uhuhuhu.. U arrived early huh? XD
    Glad to see u had Fun! ^^

  2. so cool.. too bad i dont live in KL =)

  3. I was having final that time..COuldn't make it.

  4. @Dewi, yeah quite early, that is why I get to try the games first before it gets crowded

    @Kenwooi, I am wondering where you stay?

    @Jfook, haha yeah I remember I asked you before and you told me about finals at Cbox

  5. @bennie, thanks for support! =) luckily I know how to read chinese xD

  6. you missed out ME... i cant find w3ndee, but find wendy instead! haha.. ignore me k! I'm lame!

    nice post!

  7. wow! looks so fun and i missed it ): i suppose to go with Jloi but because i have class and got to accompany bf so dint manage to go..

    So you must be enjoyed alot ! ;D

  8. nanged u ad :D

    look ugly in real life so ma can't recognize, its ok..I understand xD

  9. Your red hair super suit with the Gatsby shirt =)

  10. yes yes so fun weeeeeeeeee~ I shall FedEx the Gatsby to my boyfriend in New Zealand since I can't use it haha

  11. hemph angry uuu.. don have my pic T__T

  12. @wendee, changed already!

    @jieyi, OKAY! make sure you make it next time, and hope to see you next time.

    @Fiona, omg! you still want to make me feel guilty!

    @Tian Chad, haha! are you sure? its brown now! not red!

    @Liki, just record the whole thing and FedEx to him!

    @wenpink haha! you didn't take with me also! I think I should angry you!



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