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Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I am Ip Man master, I would …

I had always been thinking what If I am a Ip Man!
maybe I would stop college and starts fighting!
train all the 6abs, biceps, triceps and etc!
But what I would definitely get to learn is the
Even If I am Ip man master, I would still

meditate everyday for at least 3hours
to gain more Ying Yang power!
*to achieve a balance of Good & Evil*
besides that, It could also help my
"Flying" skill
*you can always fly here and there to versus the evil*
this is an important skill!
I need to create some new move for the new generation!
We are at 2010 now!
We need modern Wing Chun!
Let me introduce you...

A simple Side Stroke first!
*able to balance yourself side ways*
Next, the "Baboon float" aka Qing Gong 轻功
this light skill that lets u feel that you have no weight at all!
I would also create a new move call "Baboon Climb"
it helps you to climb anything you want!
*Can't get the coconut on top of coconut tree?
Learn this!*
I would always preserve my spirit!
Never STOP fighting to protect the good one!
If you dare, come challenge me.

This post is for contest purpose!
For more information,
do visit
GSC -Eon Bank Card


  1. LOL so funny la... don't fight don't fight...
    Peace ^^

  2. oh shit good post! omg can u really fly? teach me! =D

  3. @Charmaine haha! just write for the sake of IF I AM IP MAN!

    @Domnodragon, haha! I will teach you! provided u pay me.

    @Krazy, haha got friends help! =)

  4. @KF, thanks for your comment! Just trying to get the Ipman!

  5. Hahaha !! I love the pictures, it's interesting !!



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