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Sunday, April 4, 2010

LM Gathering 2010

Date: 27 March 2010
Time: 8am - 5pm

Venue: SMJK Katholik

Attended: Lembaga Maintenance (LM) members, LM ex committee

it is an annual event,
whereby the Form 4 members are the Committee of this event - Gathering
Aim & Objectives of this event, improve relationship between members, committee and ex committee.

What is Lembaga Maintenance?
It is basically a club & society.
Where by we are in charge of the whole school's tables and chairs.
During important event, we are in charge of setting up chairs at the main hall.
During important examination - PMR,SPM,STPM. We re-arrange every class for our student to sit for exams.
We had organized Teacher's Day for almost every year up to 2008.
We are in charge of Lecture Theatre - Dewan Kuliah.
For more info: (LM official blog)

Having been retired for 2 years, but I still miss my LM life.
But too bad, the committee member did not contact the other EXXXes committee.

Listening to Jolene

LM Ketua Tugasan 05/06
Alden Lim
with his Nerdy spects
Nerdy spects lend from him
and this is our photos!
LM Committee 07/08 with nerdy face
LM Ex-Committee
Next, had our bonding session @ Dewan Kuliah

LM Committee 07/08 & 08/09

LM Committee 07/08
*too bad, 6 missing*
JiaYi :"All guai guai take photo!!"
WeiJie:"I feel like slap you."
Jee Seng act cute
Farhan so scare!
Serious Time
Ending Ceremony
Before everything end!
Group photo with our beloved member
I really hope that, there are more ACTIVE member.
Photo with Current committee
Take 1 - Serious
Take 2- Smile
Take 3- Get naughty
Take 4- Get high
Cute post, inspired by
LM Comm 08/09

Photos of the day

Breathing the air

Reflective shades

all photos credits to Tsae Shiang
(check out her blog)
I'm listening to
Gettin' Over You
David Guetta Ft. LMFAO, Chris Willis & Fergie

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