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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Movie Marathon - The Losers

I went home and had my early dinner.
Rush to S.pyramid again to catch up with Farhan & Wei Jie for
the Losers

Date: 23 April 2010
Time: 7pm
Venue: TGV @ Sunway Pyramid

Source: screencrave
The Losers are a special black-ops team whose members originated from several different branches of the military. In their own units, each one of them at some point or another lost a soldier under their command, hence they dubbed themselves “The Losers.” In the midst if a mission, the government decides they want them dead, for no real good reason, and they have to go underground to find out how to save their reputations and destroy “Max”.

Personal comment:
Action movie with some comedy elements.
Something good I found in this movie which is straight to the point. You don't just sit in the cinema for 2hours and don't even know what is happening.

It is quite usual to have the good vs the bad. With so many action films came out, you might feel like you are watching the film you've seen before. It is still fun & entertaining

There might have some twist in the movie, but it is not a big deal.

Back to the effects, not much effects, but just fighting scenes.

And what I can't forget is the crashing of helicopter in front of Jeffrey Dean Morgan
and it does not have any impact to him, at least he should show the impact of crashing to him, at least some pain? He is like still so steady.

Conclusion is something like, Good vs Evil, Good wins, Evil still remain, and there goes part 2.

Personal Rating
Plot: 7/10
Effects: 7/10
Action: 7.5/10

Overall ratng: 7.5/10

after the movie had fun chit chatting with them at Sushi Zanmai for around 2-3hours!
They had their dinner there and I had one sushi with green tea.

Yum cha = Green tea! ^^
it's been a long time since 3 of us really sit down and talk to each other, sometimes I have to tell the truth, I really miss them.

Somehow, I really feel better after talking to them.
Thanks to my 2 brother who willing to listen to me.

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