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Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport

I am sure all of you are active in sports.
I don't dare to say that I am really in love with Badminton,
but once you ask me what is my favourite sport, I will definitely answer

I had been thinking what makes me so in love with badminton.
I think it must be my dad's influence!
Still remember when I'm just a kid, I saw my dad with a cool beg.
So I am damn curious and I asked,"Daddy..what is it inside?"
Dad show me what is inside, and that is my first time looking such nice Yonex badminton racquet.
My dad doesn't want to let me hold the racket, maybe the racquet is too expensive.
And i think he's afraid that I'll break all the fragile stuff at home
Somehow after some time, he bought me my very first pair of racquet.
The first time I played badminton was at the backyard behind my house.
I tried to play with my neighbour.
But it seems like all the time, the shuttle cock just fell into the smelly drain.
We have to pick it up from the drain and continue play it again.
I am sure that most of them started to play badminton at an empty space.

What I can't forget is that, somewhere around when I am standard 4 or 5.
I eventually found out from my friend that I am having a lousy racket.
Let me show you the racquet which I still keep it for my small cousin to play.
Look at the brand. Some cheap China Brand - XingRong

I feel like get conned, but my dad advice me to train properly first.

Obviously after some time playing with my dad, I started to demand a better racquet.
Around 70 bucks for a Yonex Muscle Power racquet.

I usually play with my bunch of school mates at the school hall.
Badminton is not all about hitting, but Accuracy, Strength and Technique.
You need to have stamina to play a 21 point game x 2 set or 3 set.
You need to know where will your opponent hit the shuttle cock to, in order to defend.
You need to know when is the time to smash.
You need to know when to trick your opponent.

My friends used to went for training but I didn't since I just treat it as a past time.
I am not going to pursue it as my career like our Malaysia Badminton Player
Datuk Lee Chong Wei
Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by
Adidas Action 3
and supported by P1 and MAS

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  1. badminton weeeee! I love badminton also. now playing again with my company staff. haha.

    oh. i didnt get for week 4 too! so sad can! :(

  2. @Lyng, hey there! wow! I must add 1 picture @ my blog post that I am playing badminton.
    Lets pray for week 5 and 6!

  3. i love this game once opun a time....

  4. I Love this sport to, but i,m not profesional

  5. I love playing badminton! but I must say I'm not that good at it. so sad

  6. dah pencen sport.. but still love badminton n unfortunetely miss d great game by d dato' chong wei

  7. that's cool! i'm a lot better at tennis though! haha!

    enter my first giveaway for amazing prizes:

  8. @Akey87, why is it once upon a time?
    @Kapuk, it is okay. I am not professional too
    @Fiona, I am not good at it too.
    @楊偉誠, THANKS! do keep support me!
    @cemomoi , Dato Lee- my badminton idol
    @Priincess, I never play tennis before! =.=

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