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Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

No strings attached?
I can say that I have no strings attached.
Single or available.

We have the Bluetooth technology now!
so most of the devices are no strings attached to it.
You want to connect your laptop with internet connection - WIRELESS
You want to use your mouse/keyboard - WIRELESS
You want to use your handfree - WIRELESS

Somehow, I hope bluetooth technology can just connect everything!
Why not.
Drive a car without steering wheel?
Transfer house hold electricity without wire?

Hopefully someone will produce such XXXtooth technology.

Too much wire will just make everything complicated.
You don't even know which is which and you need to take time to sort it out.
Especially when you open up your PC and you can found different types of wire.
I am not a computer geek so it takes time for me.

Let's talk about some of the cons of No strings attached technology.
You get to connect everything, it seems perfect, but the connection is unstable.
For example just a damn xxx brand wireless broadband will make me become frustrated of it.
Keep Connect/Disconnect. How am I going to download my private stuff?

Don't worry you have p1 wimax now!

Another thing, bluetooth technology tends to cover a small coverage area.
Once you are out of 100metre and your connection is gone.
Can the scientist quickly think of something better to use?
At least a wider area?

Too bad. but wireless technology still need time to develop.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by
Adidas Action 3
and supported by P1 and MAS.

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  1. somethin is wrong wiv ur chatterbox.
    visiting u back.

  2. hiii no wayer no less.. no blackout..
    errr it's same blackout n blackcurrent? couse of some people call electric as a 'karen'



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