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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2- Bloggers' Launch

Project Alpha Season 2 Bloggers' Launch
Date: 7 April 2010
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: E@Curve
1 week ago, it was the launching of Project Alpha Season 2.
In case you don't know what is Project Alpha, it is Malaysia first online show about real life bloggers!

Get 2 invites from Nuffnang after being one of the 80 who commented at Nuffnang post!
Invited Beh to join along!
Jason get the invites too, so we went to E@curve together.
I am looking forward to meet cool bloggers
We had our dinner at Kim Gary Restaurant
*checking out Jason's Canon S90*
and this is what I will do during outings-
take photos
Around 7.30pm, line up for registration &
grab the freebies & movie tickets
Baboon with Goodie bags
included in it: Rimmel Mascara, Adidas Deodorant
Not to say that I want to use the other cool bloggers to promote myself but this is just to share with my readers what I did at the bloggers' launch.

Met up with JayLeo, Jason & Henry Lee
Jason & I wanted to take a photo with XiaXue & Mike, but they are eating inside the Preview Lounge.
So we just wait for another chance.

After a while, we saw them walking towards the toilet, so we have an idea of waiting them to come out and then ask them to take a photo with us. So we wait.........

and wait.
I am just curious why so long.
Eventually later on I spotted
and I said Hi to him.
He is the co-founder of Nuffnang. He is very friendly and a nice guy, even my friend Beh agree with me too. He jokes a lot, wonder if he is a joker like me?
He even introduce a staff to us, David.
who walks around and take videos of people to join the Rummz audition. (CLICK HERE)

We spotted Jojo taking photos with the bloggers and we went to take a photo with her too.
Personally I think that she looks more beautiful in real life compare to those video I watched.
I am glad that I am taller than her too.
while chit-chatting with friends, something happened.
Audrey(4feet9) standing next to Shaolin Tiger.
He is kneeling down next to Audrey and
everyone just took this funny moments.
I can see that Audrey feel so happy! Look at her smile.
get to take photo with Shaolin Tiger too!
*wow so tall*
My wish comes true.
Before the movie screening, get to take photo with Xia Xue
She is Singapore's top blogger! *awesome*

Later on went to watch the premier screening of
Kick ass
This movie is damn funny! super heroes with no power!
4 heroes- Big Daddy(looks like batman), Red Mist, Hit girl & Kick Ass!
I think it is quite lame but still worth to watch.

Hit girl really took my attention! Hit Girl acted by Chloe Moretz which is only 12 years old, is so violent!
And you will get to watch all the blood scenes!

Before the movie, we get to watch the Official Trailer of Project Alpha Season 2!
Looks like all the bloggers in Season 2 are having FUN!
*CLICK HERE to watch the official trailer*

Lastly thanks to Nuffnang for the invites
and all the official sponsers of Project Alpha!
and not to forget Beh & Henry Lee for the photos!


  1. *jealous*

    I would have gone there if I live in KL :( :( :(

  2. @Jumei, ahhh! you will have the chance alright?

  3. nice nice! :D what a fun gathering with the projectalpha stars! good shot of u and xiaxue! lol :D

  4. so good you get to go.. it's good to be in KL hor.. =)

  5. u both look like KLCC in between Xiaxue.. lol!

  6. btw, you saw me but never say hi?? T__T so sad!!! and which fren told you it's me??

  7. @Henry Lee, thanks for helping me to take photo too

    @Kenwooi, haha! You are not in KL? Your post seems to show that you are in overseas everytime

    @WenPink, haha! erm Henry Lee (Clever Munkey) ask Suresh, then only I remember your name.

    @Elynn, thanks! =)

  8. Haha, I still love the photos. =P Haha !!

  9. nice sit inside lounge all the time

  10. @Lolly, you love the photos because I am inside? =D

    @Nikel, hey lets meet up next time! you are very active too!

  11. Haha !! Ya Ya !! You both are so creative in the photos especially the waiting session for bloggers, Mike & XiaXue. ^_^



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