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Monday, May 31, 2010

My Sweetheart Smells Like "FRESH"

Adidas Action 3 has products for both men and women!
Adidas Action 3 Fresh would definitely suit my significant other, and therefore I want my sweetheart smells like super "FRESH"

Yes! I want my girl to smell fresh, appears to be fresh every time I see her.
Especially when you are really stress, and imagine once you see her and hug her, you can smell her fresh accent suck into your nose, it will definitely de-stress you!

The fact that Adidas Action 3 FRESH, have a cooling fragrance that leaves you with that just showered feeling when the heat is on. Amazing? Feel like you are showering every time when your heart is on! It is also 0% alcohol and also anti-whitening material to minimize white marks on skin and clothes!

Of course, you don't want your other half to spoil his/her image in front of your friends.

And don't tell me you want your partner to have stinky smell after the outdoor activities such as jogging, mount climbing, tracking and etc. Even if it is the case why not suggest your partner to use Adidas Action 3- Fresh!

I know it is difficult to tell directly, but you can start of like "Hey dear, do you think that I am smelly after sweating" if your other half say, YES then tell her I will try Adidas Action 3 next time, if she say NO, then tell her that you actually can smell my own stinkyness, you know girls sometimes don't tell you the truth, and you just continue the topic by persuading her, actually there is Adidas Action 3 for women too! easy?

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Episode 40-42

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Once upon a time there is an island call
The Pollock Island which is situated near the Alaska

a famous pizza shop is originated from here,
which is also known as the Pizza Hut.

Due to the fact that the owner of Pizza Hut is old and frequently sick,he needs someone to help him continue this business since he doesn't have a family.

After thinking for quite some time, he decided to organize a Pizza cooking competition to look for talented Pizza chef to manage the company.

My friend, Mr Simon took part in this cooking competition. He is a among the top chef that cooks well on the island but he was struggling for an idea on making a delicious & wonderful pizza.

He had the general idea of making a pizza, but he still thinks that it is not enough to win this contest. Therefore he decided to look for me, who is a famous fisherman in this island. He wanted to seek for my advice.

I brought him out to the sea and see what I can catch for him for his pizza.

I caught pollock fishes, shrimps & crabs for him, but he can't decide which one to use for his pizza ingredient.

I strongly recommended him to use pollock fish as the main ingredient.

As this kind of fish is very fresh, it will definitely enhanced the taste of the pizza.

I wish him all the best in his competition before I went back.

Indeed, he won the competition and he is now one of the directors of Pizza Hut, he decided to treat me to a dinner at his shop - Pizza Hut.

I brought along my friends too. Some of my friends were not tempted by the pizza but still went along with me after I took quite some time to persuade them .

I actually wore this necklace, in conjunction with the Fish King Pizza.
FISH KING necklace

Before I enter the pizza hut shop, I decided to take some pictures.
But it seems like the waiter couldn't wait for us to dine in.

Waiter:"eh Adik, cepat masuk dan makan la."

We went together and ordered the pizza.

We started our meal with mushroom soup!

next with garlic breadstix

and now the main attraction
The presentation of the pizza itself made my saliva dripped.
the tantalizing smell and the aroma intoxicated my senses.

Indeed , the fish fingers were crispy on the outer layer and tender on the inside.
There was a delicate balance between the cheese and the outer crispiness of the fish.

Look at the long wavy cheese that
stokes the appetite of everyone at the dining table.

After taking the pictures, i finally ate the delicious pizza.

I was shocked & amazed that the pizza is so delicious! *yummmy*
I quickly ask him about the ingredient he used.

He told me that he uses the Pollock fish I suggested, and fried it.
So that the Pollock fish is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The other ingredients are

Mozzarella cheese, roasted capsicum, yellow onions, juicy pineapples & cool lime mayo sauce.

Someone dared me to eat the cheese
and eventually I ate 1 spoon of it!
*I know it is fattening*

Pizza hut was so generous with the fish as every fish fingers is so filling .

We left some and I decided to create this.
A banner for Pizza Hut using the fish fingers

But this is the design of it after editing!
*looks better right?*

After finish eating the Fish King pizza
You will feel so satisfied that you will think that you are in dreamland
treated as a King.

Yes! I am in my own dreamland!

Look at my friend-Jason,
I spend quite some time persuading him to come.


AFTER Eating
(look at the difference!)

Everyone was very satisfied with it and started craving for more!
even the girls can't resist it
What are you waiting for?
Quickly get the nearest Pizza Hut outlet to eat the Fish King Pizza!

If you are dining in or take away the A'la carte Fish King Pizza, you can pay your bill using the Maybankard and the American Express card in order to get a 30% discount for it.
But luckily my friend, Mr Simon bought me the meal.

Lastly, I edited this picture for Pizza Hut.
(potential ambasaddor of Pizza Hut?)
how about yours?
For more information about the contest ,
please refer to HERE
This contest is organized by Pizza Hut and Nuffnang .

this post is for contest purpose and the story is based on my own creativity.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3


Toy Story 3's released date will be on the 17th of June 2010 .
But with Nuffnang , we again get the chance to watch it before anyone's else !
In this movie , there will be new characters being added on to make it more interesting .
I personally like the characters below :
Firstly , Mr. Pricklepants
His hair colour reminds me of my current hair colour , more like brownish.
And if my hair grows long like this, I will definitely look like him.
My hair tend to spread out like the lion.
Anyway , this character looks cute and chubby . For me he is more like a Lion.
It will definitely add more joy to the movie by acting cute

Secondly , Book Worm
Due to finals coming up , I had been becoming like this green worm .
Everyday spam and spam books ! Something special about this book worm, he got his own torch light to enhance his reading during at night.
I think he will be the one who teach all the toy story characters in the movie.
and lastly, BIG BABY
he is either going to be lovely, treat the toy nicely or just ruin them!
Look at his eyes & his tatoo I doubt that he is going to be that lovely!

No matter how old are you, I am sure you will love this movie, I watched Toy story 1&2 and it is definitely amazing, so looking forward for the Toy story 3.
You can even check out the trailer here! *FUNNY*
From YouTube
Forget to mention that, I did not watch any 3D movie in cinema yet.
Really hope that I can watch this with the nuffnangers!
This post is for contest purpose .
For more information , please refer to

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Wiggy Design (Design your ideal Wiggy)

My Wiggy design
Buy a p1 wiggy and share it with your love one-
your family, your friends and etc!

Buy a wiggy and give it to your love one, to stay connected with each other.
That is the reason why I use the heart shape!

And don't forget to watch
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Before the Descent part 2 screening

Before the screening of The Descent Part 2 screening (VIEW movie review)

Meet up with Leng, XiuQi, Shereen, Jia Yeen, & Henry to had our dinner at
Girls talk.
(Jia Yeen, Shereen, XiuQi, C.Leng)
Me, Henry, Jia Yeen
Later on, we hang out around @ The street
cam-whore around
XiuQi, Baboon, Jia Yeen, Shereen
Shereen, XiuQi, Baboon, Jia Yeen, Kevang
The ladies
*sorry ah! I miss out Shereen's leg xD*
Wen Pink, Me & Pei Li
also met Pei Li, Wendee & Fiona
Get to meet Suresh, Ching Yih & Fariz too.
didn't get to take picture with you all. ^^
All photos credits to Chay Leng
she is S & A, anyone interested? =D
and the last photo to Henry Lee

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jay Chou's 10th Album - The Era 跨時代

18 May 2010, Jay released his latest 10th album
The Era 跨時代
After an absence of a year and a half, Asian pop king Jay Chou has finally released his new album. He turns into a vampire for the album cover and expends over $10million dollars for just one music video.

Every time he tends to try something different, and now here you goes with
jay's vampire look.
Jay hopes that his music will not get old like the vampire.

Song tracks included in the album are as below:
1. 跨时代
2. 说了再见
3. 烟花易冷
4. 免费教学录影带
5. 好久不见
6. 雨下一整晚
7. 嘻哈空姐
8. 我落泪.情绪零碎
10. 自导自演
11. 超人不会飞
Recommend tracks
3 ( a slow and sentimental song)
5(a catchy one, which I think most of them will like this),
6(sentimental songs included with Chinese instrumental(er-hu) in the middle part, you have to slowly listen to this, it is kinda slow),
9 (reminds me of 阳光宅男, but slightly slower version) &
11 (the recommented first song for this album)
1 (music style combines Auto Tune and heavy techno-rock with a classical style

2 versions of album in Malaysia.
a. 3D metal box version
b. Classic paper cover version
(b) also inclusive of a collection gift set of ALL 9 NINE collectible badges of his previous album covers.
I am not sure the price @ the market right now, but the price I pre-order from myJAYsian is RM75.
Thanks to myJAYsian & Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia
members of myJAYsian is entitled to get 2 different version of posters & a cap!
Poster version #1 (the best)
poster version #2
the cap with only JAY words printed on it
I know it is simple, but still a collectible gifts!
Some recent pictures of Jay.
Jay at the press conference @ Taiwan
and I am looking forward to his concert in Malaysia around Feb 2011!
* to save RM400 for his concert*
The first stop of his concert will be at Taiwan @ June 11 to 13
He will be using 360度浮空立體呈像, 簡單來說是從四面八方投射到空氣中所呈現的立體影像效果!It is something like , a video effect whereby the lights from all the places are concentrated and targeted to the air.
This is awesome, but I don't think he will do it in Malaysia.

Before I end my post, let me ask you 1 question.
Why do you think Superman cannot fly?
Answer relates to Jay Chou and his latest song Superman cannot fly (超人不会飞)
"Nang" it if you like my post


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