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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3


Toy Story 3's released date will be on the 17th of June 2010 .
But with Nuffnang , we again get the chance to watch it before anyone's else !
In this movie , there will be new characters being added on to make it more interesting .
I personally like the characters below :
Firstly , Mr. Pricklepants
His hair colour reminds me of my current hair colour , more like brownish.
And if my hair grows long like this, I will definitely look like him.
My hair tend to spread out like the lion.
Anyway , this character looks cute and chubby . For me he is more like a Lion.
It will definitely add more joy to the movie by acting cute

Secondly , Book Worm
Due to finals coming up , I had been becoming like this green worm .
Everyday spam and spam books ! Something special about this book worm, he got his own torch light to enhance his reading during at night.
I think he will be the one who teach all the toy story characters in the movie.
and lastly, BIG BABY
he is either going to be lovely, treat the toy nicely or just ruin them!
Look at his eyes & his tatoo I doubt that he is going to be that lovely!

No matter how old are you, I am sure you will love this movie, I watched Toy story 1&2 and it is definitely amazing, so looking forward for the Toy story 3.
You can even check out the trailer here! *FUNNY*
From YouTube
Forget to mention that, I did not watch any 3D movie in cinema yet.
Really hope that I can watch this with the nuffnangers!
This post is for contest purpose .
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  1. I wanna watch it too!^^

  2. i also entered this..but i already won Toy Story Marathon ticket tooo!!

  3. mine still under moderation.... hope can get it :p

  4. @siswheresmykey, lets win the ticket from nuffnangs!

    @Blabberina, If I cant get it share me your tickets!

    @Henry, mine still moderation! =)

  5. hope you get the tickets....i wish i can get it too...all the best ya...

  6. @kianfai yeah sure! hope to meet you too if get the tickets!

    @Vivian yeah! hopefully! lets meet up if you get!

    @Blabberina, visited! =)

  7. My little brother and sister is dying to see this movie! They love woody so much and a fan of Toy Story



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