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Friday, May 21, 2010

Jay Chou's 10th Album - The Era 跨時代

18 May 2010, Jay released his latest 10th album
The Era 跨時代
After an absence of a year and a half, Asian pop king Jay Chou has finally released his new album. He turns into a vampire for the album cover and expends over $10million dollars for just one music video.

Every time he tends to try something different, and now here you goes with
jay's vampire look.
Jay hopes that his music will not get old like the vampire.

Song tracks included in the album are as below:
1. 跨时代
2. 说了再见
3. 烟花易冷
4. 免费教学录影带
5. 好久不见
6. 雨下一整晚
7. 嘻哈空姐
8. 我落泪.情绪零碎
10. 自导自演
11. 超人不会飞
Recommend tracks
3 ( a slow and sentimental song)
5(a catchy one, which I think most of them will like this),
6(sentimental songs included with Chinese instrumental(er-hu) in the middle part, you have to slowly listen to this, it is kinda slow),
9 (reminds me of 阳光宅男, but slightly slower version) &
11 (the recommented first song for this album)
1 (music style combines Auto Tune and heavy techno-rock with a classical style

2 versions of album in Malaysia.
a. 3D metal box version
b. Classic paper cover version
(b) also inclusive of a collection gift set of ALL 9 NINE collectible badges of his previous album covers.
I am not sure the price @ the market right now, but the price I pre-order from myJAYsian is RM75.
Thanks to myJAYsian & Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia
members of myJAYsian is entitled to get 2 different version of posters & a cap!
Poster version #1 (the best)
poster version #2
the cap with only JAY words printed on it
I know it is simple, but still a collectible gifts!
Some recent pictures of Jay.
Jay at the press conference @ Taiwan
and I am looking forward to his concert in Malaysia around Feb 2011!
* to save RM400 for his concert*
The first stop of his concert will be at Taiwan @ June 11 to 13
He will be using 360度浮空立體呈像, 簡單來說是從四面八方投射到空氣中所呈現的立體影像效果!It is something like , a video effect whereby the lights from all the places are concentrated and targeted to the air.
This is awesome, but I don't think he will do it in Malaysia.

Before I end my post, let me ask you 1 question.
Why do you think Superman cannot fly?
Answer relates to Jay Chou and his latest song Superman cannot fly (超人不会飞)
"Nang" it if you like my post


  1. oh he is coming in Feb 2011?? i want to go!! :-P

  2. I haven't heard his latest songs. LOL. Mmm..I wanna go also!

  3. @Kristy, the answer is, because Superman is a human also! =D

    @Ohmywtf, yeah! after CNY of 2010.

    @Jfook, you can download it now, but do support original XD

  4. wow.. so many ..
    i got few of his real cd & dvd only..

  5. 偉大的致富萬能之鑰,正是幫你充分掌握自己心志所必須的自律自制........................................

  6. @engtaukia of course lar! =) Jay fans mah!

    @ms.Sarah, I started to from the 4th cd, dvd must be the concert lor!

  7. no matter hw many collectibles r there...
    it's not as precious as my pic XD

  8. If I get limited edition wan I will be more happy... :P



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