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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Random talk- Boys&Girls (Part 1)

Sometimes, you get a girl to like you, then she ditches you.
Life is hard, move on!
*but I doubt not everyone can do it.*
Girls win most of the arguments and have most of the power.
crying or burst of tears will just make the guy's heart melted. Next, we will try out best to comfort them.

2. Talk about past

you did wrong 1 thing, you apologize, she forgive you. You think that everything is settle but too bad, they take it down, they remember it deeply, she will always use this issue for later arguments.

Girls/Boys tend to get jealous
if we spend too much time with the opposite sex.
Some partners are understanding, perhaps they know that in this world there are so many people and friends, it is impossible for you to control them.

If you feel jealous, you can always talk to your partner, let them know how you feel, this is one of the way to understand each other.
As long as they themselves control, it is okay. Don't expect to check their calls, their e-mails, their messages, you are controlling them like you control your pet.
TRUST them.

For boys out there,
The right thing to do when you have a crush
-never show off too much
-don't be silly and goofy
-makes sure you have good friends who won't try to spanner the girl you like

A crush is like a love disease, a disease that can drive you mad.
You think of her every time, but do you think that she will think of you?

Girls are everywhere.
How do you find the right girl?
Straight to the point - Feelings.
Don't tell me you can develop the feelings when you have no interest of that girl at all, most of the time we started it off with a good feelings towards girl.

How to attract girls attention?
it requires a lot of work.
You want the girl to notice you, but don't draw too much attention to yourself, she will think that you are crazy.
Start a conversation with a girl.
Not just a normal Hi.
Girls tend to like funny guys, add in some elements of jokes during your conversation.

You get the girl, what you do next?
Appreciate them, treat them good, communicate with them, share your taught and feelings.
But remember, guys are not just suppose to do all this, you need the girls to do part of their role too. And girls out there, if you think that all the time,

At my current age right now- teenagers,
most of them involved in a play-dump relationship, you don't think about the future, you just enjoy the process, which I think it is quite true FOR NOW.

I tend to believe in a stable-independent relationship, and not those play-dump relationship.
But it seems like, you really need to sacrifice a lot, not just physically but also MENTALLY!
Your maturity mind of taught.
This whole article is just based on personal opinion.
I am not responsible to any distort facts here.

Stay tune for Part 2,
but not next post! =)
"Nang" it if you like it.


  1. Those points are so trueeee. Thats what I did too :p oopsieee HAHAHA

  2. @hilda, okay! I found a girl supporter YAY! ^^
    @kenwooi, scary as in, you are scare of them burst in tears?

  3. #2 is something that I always do =x

  4. omg I do #2 ALOT. XD but totally agree with most of your points !

  5. @krazy & shuwen, 2 more supporters to my post HAHA! thank you!

  6. I like the "how to attract girls attention" !!..Haha..but I think you should write about "How to attract guys attention!" LOL..

  7. hahaha... agreed with your points! damn! girls tear really can make them win an argument

  8. lol..tears are scary when it's only a bf-gf relationship.. I think it will be different once couples get married.. hmmm..

  9. @Angeline, why is it how to attract guys attention? lol! since you demand it, I shall try it next post.

    @Kelyn, thank you!

    @Aidi-Safuan, yeah men! ^^

    @Shirleen, hmmmm! true true, for me if you get married, everything needs to be stable already.

  10. slow and steady always beat those instant relationships hands down i think



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