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Friday, May 7, 2010

Rich conflict

A man started to work hard for his living. He tells himself that he wants to be the famous chef.
He slowly builds up his own restaurant and company.

After 20 years of working hard, his family becomes so rich.
He passed away, and the company was passed to his wife.

His wife helps him a lot in running this company. She does not worry much because she has 2 sons and a daughter to help her.

The daughter gets greedy and wanted to have the company under her control.
The eldest son develops another company, and sells off the shares to the daughter.
He just wants this family to be peaceful.

The mum makes a will and she told the family that the eldest son will not get everything from her. Most of the shares are given to the daughter, the 2nd son and the 2nd son's wife.

6 month before she pass away, she changes the will. This time, she didn't want to tell inform who is getting the shares and etc. She just keeps quiet.

During the reading session of the will after she passed away, eventually the shares are equally share between the son and the remaining for her daughter.
The 2nd son's wife did not get a single share. The 2nd son's wife thinks that she will get the shares because most of the time, she is the one who always accompany her, she is just trying to act good in front of her.


Why would when someone is rich enough already, they still get so greedy and want to take others property?
Money minded!
If it is your own family business or property and you have the good intention to protect family business, I don't mind you taking over the company.

But this time, you have siblings and they are part of the share holder of the business too. Why would you want to own their shares and take over the company, why can't you work with your siblings?
The son's wife tries to take over the company shares too.

Thank god, their parents makes a wise choice, willed the company equally to their 2 sons more shares than the daughter, after they pass away. The son's wife gets nothing.

The company is still control by the sons.

Don't try to get something which is not yours, if you want wealth, work hard for it. Work hard and I trust that you will deserve what you work hard for!
Trust me? do comment below.

The end!
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  1. nice story... :) business is business, sometimes ppl tend to forget about family relationships

  2. @henry : ya , coz of business affects the relationship between each other .

  3. I agree with you there is always a good outcome in working hard.

  4. bad but it happens.. like henry said.. people tend to forget about family when it comes to money and business..

  5. Human's greediness is unlimited...

  6. @Supermommy, yeah! so work hard and hope for a good things!

    @Kenwooi, yeah! we must always rmb our family no matter what happen!

    @Kelvin, yeah what to do! we are human!? =)

  7. human are greedy..yes, this trait is especially obvious in family business, have seen so many real life cases...sad.....

  8. "-greedisgood" in dota...
    "-greedisbad" in real life! :D

  9. nice post and it is pretty true in the world we live in...keep it up :)

  10. @ohmywtf, yeah real cases and even from drama! haha!

    @Sonny, haha eh brother I play dota too! =D

    @Luker, real story but modify a little!

    @ulricng, remember of your family and enjoy life!

  11. *nod nod*

    human...wat to do...lolx

  12. the richer the family the more 'complicated' they are.

  13. @Nana Lana, haha I know it is normal for human, but aren't we suppose to have Love & affection towards family?

    @Glow, agree with you! so why not live normal right?



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