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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yum cha session

Last month, Shue Ze came back from Singapore, having his short term break.

So Astin invite me to have a yumcha session with him.

Time: 9pm
Venue: Kayu Nasi Kandar @ Aman Suria
Attended: Shue Ze, Astin, Wei Chuen & I

Oh yea , Shue Ze is my primary friends since Standard 4 or 5 till now!

Just had a normal chit-chat session, updating what are we up to now.
And I just realised Astin has a Canon Eos 500D.

This is what happen,
Baboon keep playing with her Canon Eos 500D
Astin:"You know I am......."
Shue Ze:"oh yea..."
WC:"me too, but.."
Baboon still playing with DSLR *chik cak*
Astin:"can you stop playing my DSLR? this is a yum cha session!"
Baboon:"Sorry! I just in love with DSLR."

with Wei Chuen & Shue Ze
with Shue ze
with Astin & Shue Ze

the end.



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