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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

IR 1968 Camwhore session (after food review)

There are 9 bloggers attended the food review which is
Leexaa , Ching Yih ,Vialentino ,Jean , Tony Teh, Wendy Chua, Bok ,Henry Lee & ME!

Straight after the food review, we had a camwhore session!
You can always check out my 1st Food Review HERE

Camwhore with the "Token of Appreciation"
with Tonin
Jay Leo & Henry Lee
Bok (
with Wendee
with Tonin, JayLeo, Henry, Wendee
checking out our own photos
1st time with this kind of smile lol.
Leexaa is ia good organizer,
she prepares the token of appreciation and presents it to
Debbie Gohwith Hudson & Debbie
Thanks to Lisa & Henry for organizing!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Korean Wave Contest, R16 SEA Final & Hip Hop Concert

Date: 15th May 2010 ( Saturday)
Time: 2pm-4pm, 7pm - 11pm
Venue: KL Live, Jln Sultan Ismail

I won the tickets through Facebook and invited Henry Lee to tag along.
We went there quite early, like about 2pm.

While collecting the ticket, heard the loud sound coming out,
so we decided to enter and it was the Korean Wave Contest FINAL

The 2nd Runner up
gets RM1000
The 1st Runner up: Absolute
Tour Package to South Korea
Champion: Progression
*They have 12 members, 6 represent their team*
Tour package to South Korea

We took a break & had dinner at KFC to get ready for the
R16 Southeast Asia Final & Hip Hop Concert

We grab a nice seats at the first floor, and Henry took a nice spot to snap photos!
with Henry in the hall
with PeiLi in the hall
First of all introducing, Emcee of the night
MC Jazz Ivy (Zulu Nation)
Superman Ivy, born and raised in New York, the Mecca of Hip-hop, fell into the rhythm and melody of the traditional African music since childhood. Other than music, Ivy also took interest in literature, as it helps him to express his thoughts in writing.
*He is good in rapping!*
Next we have the guy who pump the music loud for the crowd
DJ Dust
DJ Dust aka Bboy Dust formally known as one of the Native Old School Bboy In Korea. He was inspired by many DJs from all over the world, hence the decision of being a dancer to the man behind the turntable. Quickly he gained his respect from the different famous DJs in both Eastern and Western countries.
The important judges
(Photos credits to Tian
The judges (left to right): Bboy Born (Rivers Crew), Bboy Free (Soul Shifters Crew) &
Bboy The End (Gamblerz Crew)

We have 8teams competing in the final!
1. Lous vs Malaysia (Wakaka Fever)
Winner: Malaysia (Wakaka Fever)
*Malaysia did a great job, I love their teamwork*
2. Vietnam (Big Toe) vs Singapore (Floor Techineques)
Winner: Vietnam (Big Toe)
3. Thailand (99flava) vs Malaysia (Giller Battle)
Winner: Thailand (99flava) - it is a tiebreaker at first!
4. Indonesia (Rebelz In Rhytm) vs Taiwan (SoulFresh)

Winner: Taiwan (SoulFresh)

The Quarter Final
1. Malaysia(Wakaka Fever) vs Vietnam (BigToe)
Winner: Vietnam (Big Toe) -
2 judge refuse to vote, 1judge vote for Vietnam
*Malaysia team did a great job here, I can't deny Vietnam is great too!
Both equally POWER!*
Wakaka Fever (M'sia) love doing team work performance!
Vietnam did some too,
but the crowd shout extremely loud for WakakaFever (M'sia)
But too bad, we don't have the luck to enter the final
The Quarter Final

2. Thailand(99Flava) vs Taiwan (SoulFresh)
Winner: Taiwan (Soul Fresh)
*Personally I think that 99 Flava should win, their performances are much more better*
Before we proceed to the Final!
Performances from
Showdown 2010 & Baby Crew+Judges
The Final battle
Vietnam (BigToe) vs Taiwan (SoulFresh)
It wasn't that excited, cause I expected who is the winner.
Before the results..
Baby Crew performances
They are better in popping than breakdancing
All the guys get crazy when these
group of female dancer from Baby crew perform!
even Pei Li says that they are HOT!
OMG! *pheweet*

And now the exciting moment! Who do you think will win the R16 SEA Final?


they will be representing their country to compete at the World Championship
at Olympic Park, Seoul Korea (3rd and 4th of July 2010)


I grab a poster home too!

All of the photos credits to Henry Lee unless stated.
For more info about R16 visit

You might be wondering what is R16?
R16 is a massive month long event where over 200 artists, musicians, grassroots content creators, promoters, producers, urban enthusiasts, hip hop heads, & b-boys from around the world convene to showcase all aspects of urban youth cultures and urban arts.
The R16 main event is a huge international b-boy competition where 16 of world's best crews are invited to participate in a showcase and crew battle to determine who is the best of the best.

R in R16 stands for
the most important B-boy philosophy of "RESPECT"

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

IR 1968 Food Review

IR 1968
Indochine Restaurant & Bar
When was the last time I had my Indonesian's food? Is it when my maid cook? Nah! It would be during my last Bali trip 1,2,3 @ February.
But now I have a chance to dine in at a Indonesian cuisine restaurant.
First of all let me introduce the owner of the restaurant
Ms.Debbie Goh
she is very friendly and a cheerful person,
you can see her smiling & laughing while chatting with us!
she is a winner of 1998 Miss Malaysia Chinese International Pageant and she has also made appearances in various movies such as the famous Summer Holiday - "Ha Yat Dik Mo Mo Cha" and her latest appearance will be at Age Of Glory 2 - 情牵南洋
(you can check it out @ NTV7 -Monday to Thursday: 10pm-11pm)

and her partner Mr.Hudson Chang
basically he will be the one explaining the ingredients of the food and how they came up with the food's name. He explained the history of the restaurant, culture, & family.

What is IR?
IR stands for Indonesian Restaurant
Why IndoChine?
it is basically stands for Indonesian mix with Chinese, therefore this restaurant serve Indonesian food mix with Chinese style.
History about Hudson's grandfather, who is actually from Surabaya owned a Indonesian restaurant there at about year 1936. And his dad, went to Hong Kong and owned a Indonesian restaurant there.

Now lets start off with the Drinks
Sour Plum Juice (RM12)
suitable for those who does not have appetite to eat,
you can drink this to enhance your taste bud.
The sour taste is still tolerable.

Mango Kiwi
made from fresh Mango & Kiwi that creates a perfect combo to refresh us.
If you think that you the sour plum is too sour, you must try this, it is a Sweet&Sour combo.

Fresh Peach Tea (RM12)
made from fresh Peach and added with tea, it is more like a light drink,
perfect for the elders.

Ice LemonGrass Ginger Tea
saw the ginger in the tea? I personally dislike lemon grass but this drink is really refreshing.

The FOODs is up next
SOUPS category
we have #1 SOP BUNTUT
Indonesian OX Tail soup (RM12 per pax)
it is actually almost the same like the Malaysia Soup Ekor,
and BUNTUT in Indonesian means butt. In cantonese we call it "Sifat"soup.
This is special recommended by Hudson (the partner), as it really have strong taste of the tomato and also the aroma of OX tail. Many of the Malaysian love to drink this.

Chinese double boiled Shark's bone soup (RM20 per pax)
-this is more like Chinese style soup, boiled with Shark's bone soup for few hours, as you can see the pictures above, it is serve with Shark's fin.

Chinese double boiled Prawn soup with wanton (RM15 per pax)
-this is also the Chinese style soup, boiled with Prawn's shell, and the soup is fill with prawn's taste, and therefore wanton is added as toppings for the soup.

STARTERS category
#1 Gado Gado
Indonesian salad (RM18)
-Recommended in the menu. Indonesian salad with bean curd, bean sprout, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, potato, egg, prawn cracker with their very own made peanut sauce. The peanut sauce taste awesome like the one you eat at Melaka- Satay celup sauce.

#2 Perkedel Jagung
Indonesian shrimp corn cake (RM15)
-this is what my maid always fried it for me to eat.
You have to eat this while it is hot.

VEGETABLE category
Tahu Goreng Telur
Fried Taufu with Egg (RM18)
-Fried bean-curd and egg with peanut sauce! It is almost the same with Gado-Gado.
Hudson mention that this is one of his favorite dish.

SEAFOOD category
#1 Sotong Kuning Goreng
Fried fresh squid(RM38)
-Fresh squid with yellow ginger (Kunyit), salt and pepper.
The ginger mix well with the squid, giving you a better taste.

#2 Ikan Asam
Asam Fish (RM38)
-Hot,spicy & sour fish fillet best served with white rice. It is not that spicy and for those who doesn't like spicy, give it a try, you will love it.

POULTRY category
Ayam Asam Kacang
Fried chicken with peanut (RM22)
-Fried chicken with peanut and plum sauce.

RICE category
#1Nasi Goreng Special
Special Fried Rice (RM25)
-Special fried rice with 2pieces of chicken satay, fried egg, & prawn cracker.

#2 Nasi Kuning Campur
Yellow Rice combo (RM25)
-Yellow ginger rice with fried chicken & beef rendang. The Indonesian culture used to eat only at Sunday, but now you can eat it every day at IR1968, there are more modernized.

MEAT category
Semur Lidah
Grill Ox Tongue (RM32)
-Special recommended by Hudson!
It is very tender when I first bite it compare to the normal Ox meat. I get a shocked of my life when someone told me that is it actually Ox Tongue! It doesn't have any weird smell just normal like how u eat the Ox meat. Trust me! I give it a 5 out of 5 star for this!

main theme color is RED! the design is modern
a projector screen for you to watch football.
most of their tables and chairs are made from wood.
a little funky old style
since it is a bar
there is a wide range of wine & liquor
red antique lighting boost up the environment

Location- How to get there?
Google map link
If you are afraid of the parking rate, there will be FREE 50 parking lots next to the restaurant for customers with good security.

241-b, Lorong Nibong off Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Reservations/Contact No.
03-21413550 or 017-8832160

For more info, do visit
There have 2 branches at Hong Kong.

This post is based on my personal comment and review. Please do not hesitate to comment.
Thanks to Henry Lee for the invites!
more of the 9 bloggers camwhore pictures @ next post!

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