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Saturday, June 12, 2010

1 more paper to go!

1 last paper to go F5- Performance Management

and I am going to be FREE till the end of JUNE!


party, events, food review, advertorials & work (if I am interested),
just contact me @
I will not hesitate to join you!

1 gift from Nuffnang, straight after my exam will be

join the contest from Nuffnang and the CLICK HERE to view the contest post I write!

It will be my 1st time experiencing a 3D movie, watching in a cinema!
My 3D virgin gives to Toy Story 3.

I have a difficulties here, I tried watching those road events 3D short clip, for about like 2mins, my tears will start to flow, what happen?
*can anyone explain to me?, did you all experience this?*
Then If the movie 1 and a half hour, my tears flow for 1 and a half hour?

Hopefully this is not the case when I am watching toy story 3.

I only know, Sam & Yuan is going, anyone going? inform me yea!

all the best!


  1. I'm not going!!! cause cause i will be in krabi xD

  2. @Xiang woah! sibeh enjoy la you! I think I went Krabi before. =D

  3. i've read that if ur eyes feels uncomfortable,u have to take off the glass from time to time. rest ur eyes for few secs b4 putting it on

  4. @xiang - my krabi has to cancel. >.< bought d tickets d.. bt exam fall on tat day..

    @baboon - i went ther.. din c u oso. >.<



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