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Saturday, June 5, 2010

All the best - Good luck!

Monday is my exams!
but my current condition
stress 101% confident 50% preparation 50%

devil ask me to blog & facebook
but the angel ask me to study! =)

whatever it is!

All the best to my college mates!

the last day with my F5 lecturer- Mr Akbar
"come on guys put 5 to support F5" says Mr.Akbar

and somehow Boon Siew motivated me at Facebook!
"We joined ACCA together, we leave ACCA together!"
isn't it inspiring? =D

looking forward to my Langkawi trip, Baboon as tour guide =D


  1. gud luck for ur test...follow ur angel n kick the devil away =P

  2. All the best for your exam !!

    Don't blog here and go to see your book now !! LoL ~


  3. Good Luck! Thanks for sharing..

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