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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

Damn! the last movie I watched Leonardo Dicarpio acting is in the Shutter island, he acted very well in like almost all the movies- Titanic, Body of Lies and etc! More info here @ Wikipedia

But some how I don't really like the story plot of Shutter Island, it is really confusing for me and lets hope this will not repeat in INCEPTION

Do you believe in reading someone's mind? Those hardcore type would be like without you telling what you want, they can like easily know what you want.
It gets even worst, when someone is able to steal your most valuable secret in your mind!

Well for me, the most valuable secret would be my parents telephone number!
I just have the bad feelings that if someone steal this secret in my mind they will like threaten my parents to get something they want.

The most common one will be like kidnapped me and then ask me to give my parents hand phone number, and then start to ask for like 1million cash?
"Your son is with me, get ready 1 million cash so that we can return your son safely!"

That is also the reason why I don't save my parents number in the SIM card, in case if you lost your phone or what, nobody can contact your parents.
If you want to save their number, just put their full name and not "Dad", "Mum".

Enough of my valuable secret, where is my valuable Inception tickets from Nuffnang? =D

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