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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toy Story 3-3D premiere screening + movie review

Date: 14 June 2010
Time: 9pm
Venue: GSV Mid Valley
Sponsor & thanks to Nuffnang, Walt Disney Studio, GSC

Director: Lee Unkrich
Writer: Michael Arndt
Cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Estelle Harris, John Morris, Laurie Metcalf, R. Lee Ermey, Jodi Benson, Ned Beatty
Running Time: 103 minute

Pixar returns to their first success with Toy Story 3. The movie begins with Andy leaving for college and donating his beloved toys - including Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen) - to a daycare. While the crew meets new friends, including Ken (Michael Keaton), they soon grow to hate their new surroundings and plan an escape. Directed by Lee Unkrich from a script co-authored by Litle Miss Sunshine
Detail synopsis at Wikipedia

Personal Comment
This is my first time experiencing 3D movie.
Some comments below
-Focus too much on the screen, makes your eye feels tired
-A little blur near the edges of the screen, middle part produce perfect 3D
-Able to give you a "WOW" experience, definitely better than normal screening
-Choose the middle seats, to experience a better 3D view

*Spoiler alert*
Back to the movie plot, some twist in the movie which I think is good, not really expected until you watch it.

Comedy part make me LOL in the whole cinema.
The Buzz light year really caught my attention, Spanish style of him makes me go crazy. BRAVO!
Will not go into more details of him.

As expected in my contest post HERE
The Baby is really that evil! not cute at all for all the girls out there.
Instead of cute, it looks evil!
Visit to Sunny Side
Woody meets the new characters when Bonnie bought Woody home.
Mr.Pricklepants, Buttercup & Trixie
Barbie & Ken
perfect partner, especially Barbie's expression is able to bring the audience laughter and also Ken who in love with all this fashion clothes!
*the best part would be Ken trying all his outfits*
Since Andy goes for college, and he pass all the toys to Bonnie, so my prediction if there is Toy Story 4, it will be all related to Bonnie, the new girl- new owner of the toys!

Conclusion, it is really a great entertaining movie for toy story fans and children. You don't expect a boring plot in toy story 3.
Even for teenagers, it can just make you laugh!
All photos credit to Pixar Animation.

Personal Rating:
Plot- 7/10
3D effect - 8.5/10
Comedy - 8/10
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Gifts from Nuffnang staff, Rob after the movie when I walk out of the cinema
anyone can just take it!
A Toy Story 3 T-shirt!

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  1. omg where to get the tee T_T

  2. always like Toy STory~ havent watched it but will do it one day

  3. @Fish, you know after the end of the movie, I went out earlier, and I saw Robb and a girl holding plastic begs and giving out freebies!

    @Sonny, go watch! damn nice!

    @Chia Wei, haha! you mean you want to watch Toy story 3? did you watch toy story 1 & 2?

  4. I want the tee too T______T so cute!

  5. wow..what lovely gifts.. i heard from my son that it is a nice movie.. :)


  6. baboon tan, can giv me one the i heart nuffnang badge ar??? *innocent face*

  7. @Hilda, haha! =) sorry yea my collection! ^^ Hope you are lucky next time too k?

    @Reana, yeah it is a nice movie!

    @Danielle, haha no problem of course I will give you ah, remind me okay?

  8. dudde I envy you! I want that Tee and those "Iheartnuffnang" badges!! can I have one?? please?? hahaha..

    Woody goes for college? oso go college??

  9. hmmm, I do really like watching the two previous Toy Story. What really makes me excited is the quality of the 3D version. Well, so excited to Watch Toy Story 3. :D

  10. oiii booooon. you going to be free till end of june only? ):

  11. @Jae, yes you must if you are a cartoon/disney fans!

    @Azreen, haha! correction done!

    @Sinapat true true! I love the 3D effects too!

  12. did u get me one t-shirt as well?? ;)

  13. I haven't experience 3D movie but I already experienced golden class. I gave my golden class virgin away in Village Cinema in Melbourne for 30 AU$. Expensive, and no joke!



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