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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Coffee with Nuffies - Veen Dee

Date: 18 June 2010 (Friday)
Time: 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm
Venue: Nuffnang KL office, Jln Yap Ah Shak

Wonder how's the environment of Nuffnang's Office?
Basically, they are surrounded by Oranges the Orange wall

Finally I had a chance to meet the Nuffnang's staff!

Luckily Vince guide me to the office, if not I would not locate which building is the Nuffnang's office at Jalan Yap Ah Shak.

While waiting Samantha, Adrian and Cheryl,
Vince and I had the coffee from their very own brewed machine.
We went to their meeting room, to had our coffee session.
This round we have Veen Dee with us.
Basically all the time, XinXian & Veen Dee chit-chatted with us.
They show us the office and different departments. The Technical Support team, The Blogger Relations team, The Marketing team, & The Adv. team.
Technical support helps to deal with the server, computer stuffs and etc.
The Blogger relations deal with the bloggers.
The Marketing find ways to help Nuffnang earn more.
and the Adv team distribute the advertisement to the blogs.

We do ask question like, how Nuffnang distrube the advertisement to the blogs. Based on what basis and etc. It is all based on what the client want. The Adv team will help to sort out the advertisement to the blogger's blog.

During the conversation, it's not that technical after all. It's not like a Ask and Answer session. We even get to know more what happen to Veen Dee. Especially the first day of her work, "fired" by Timothy.
Bloggers in action. Vince, Cheryl & Samantha
Something more interesting during the coffee session...
is that
Adrian perform some magic tricks for us & the staffs.
He actually bend a fork or I shall name it as illusion.
Common stuff that happen at the office will be, TWEET-jacked. That's why it is kinda dangerous to leave your computer on when you are away.
The next moment when you come back, you saw something like "I am fat." at your twitter updates.
We do ask that what do you all usually had for lunch. They says that around this area there are many stuffs to eat. But sometimes they even drive to Klang just to eat BakKutTeh for lunch.

We do get to know that Timothy is also very serious when it deals with work, and for him deadline is very important.
We even share our haunted experience together.

I prepare this, to stick it at the Nuffnang Foot Prints.
Spotted mine?
Do know that, Veen Dee's 3months intern is going to end, therefore she will be not around at Nuffnang anymore. Hope that she will get the job she wants, wish you all the best. =)

Group Photo
(Samantha, Adrian, XinXian, Veen Dee, Cheryl, Vince, Me)
Coffee with nuffies!

*The End*
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  1. wow so nice c: such a great experience, dont know if i will have a chance.

    p/s: vince is so tiny HAHA

  2. LOL This one robb help us take one right? XD

  3. wow! hope i can join the coffe with nuffies session 1 day ^^

  4. @Richard, lol?
    @Hilda, haha! yeah he is quite tiny. =D ask him to eat more.
    @Vince, yeah Robb help us take one.
    @Simon, yeah you can join! It's erm 1 week once.

  5. haha i'm pretty sure the nuffies get photographed a lot while working :p

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  6. so cool la.. hope to attend one day =)

  7. what a great experience.. owh thats the MIA adrian.. wonder what happen to him..

  8. Speaking about how ads are decided on blogs, one word just can't run away fr my mind - Statistics!! That must have been a great opp to ask about things

  9. @Lukey, actually No. cause I don't have a camera haha.

    @Casley, yeah he is MIA now. I have no idea too.

    @Biopolymath, yeah your traffic is very important!



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