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Sunday, July 4, 2010

I love to touch my SCREEN-nie

If I am not mistaken, ever since I watched Iron Man the movie,
I am so interested with the SCREEN-nie

You are asking, what do you mean by SCREEN? why is it a SCREEN related to the Iron Man the movie?
The pictures below will explain.

Look at the transparent screen

Now how about this? You get to touch it and work with it.

and it is getting more realistic.
Isn't it cool? You get to use your computer with this kind of transparent screen.

The transparent screen is actually available right now, just that it is still lack of touch screen, motion sensor, like how Tony Spark uses it. (Watch the video below)

Yeah! I want it.

Chill and watch this video, see how Iron Man uses his intelligent gadgets,
especially the TOUCH SCREEN

Yeah who doesn't want it?!
So I try to figure it out day and night.

I went to LG website, and try touching it.
*oops nothing*

2nd attempt, Laptop screen

3rd attempt, Car Screen
*fail again*

4th attempt, Fish tank screen

last attempt, TV Screen
* FAIL ! FAIL ! FAIL ! *
Damn it ! None of the screen above works like how Iron Man did!
Seriously I am like dream of a touch screen every night. The above routine, just keep repeats repeats and repeats until one day I really get a touch screen phone.

"Hey! why do you need a touch screen phone?"
I reply,"DUH! look my my phone!"
3 years old + phone

un-TOUCH-able screen
this is the worst part, I am craving for touch screen phones!

Rusted key pad
with the touch screen I can just forget about the rusted keypad.
One more thing, the keypad button is hard to type, you will need to press the button harder & harder and after one day the button spoil and you need to repair for it.

Camera with 1.3 Mega Pixels
do you think I can take a good photo with this phone? NO!
LG Cookie 3G & Cookie Plus comes with 3.15MP
while LG Cookie Fresh comes with 2MP

I am a frequent Twitter & Facebook player. Every time I went out, I am like going around and ask for friend's phone integrated with WiFi, so that I can log in and check my Twitter & Facebook.
with LG Cookie 3G, I can surf the net everywhere I want with WiFi connection!

Now you should know how important is a touch screen phone for me.
I ask myself, not to be worry, because LG had just launch 3 new phones
smart LG Cookie 3G, stylish LG Cookie Plus &
freshie LG Cookie Fresh

3 best pre-event blog post event will win each of the phone away.
*it's ME, it's ME!*
there is also an
LG Cookie Monster Party
in conjunction with the launch of 3 new phones

Yes I want to go to the party!
Hopefully I can get a monster suit, how about this?
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this post is for contest purpose and the story is based on my own creativity.


  1. Good one bro! Let's go party together!

  2. hahaha...but once u have a touchscreen device...u can never type sms w/o looking at them...

  3. banyakknyaa mata u LOL. btw hope u dapat satu, yang dua tu i punya :P

  4. My very geng ee kor!! Very nice entry! :DD

    Lovin' the link w Ironman 2! I go gaga over his awesome gadgets!

    Good luck ee kor!! :DD

  5. @Vince, haha! yes men! I am desperately waiting for it!

    @Engtaukia, monster baboon will eat you up!

    @Ulricng, you are right men! you have the facts there.

    @Liyanaa, wah! BAGUS! saya pinjam bagi kamu.

    @Coerlly, thanks fishie!

    @Richard, thanks bro!

    @Quirky, thanks men!

    @Fish, haha sam mui thanks owh. next time I lend u the gadgets!

  6. 來給你加油,幫你推一下喔~期待你的下一個更新,謝謝..................................................................

  7. lol! So creative eh!



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