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Monday, July 19, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

I have no idea why I am in this training ground.
It been so long since my childhood, I never knew what is happening before I came here, what I do is just intensive training.
I wonder where is my parents. I did ask my personal training consultant, but he refuse to tell me.
After few years, I am done with my training.
I had mastered myself with Russian Roulette.
Just in case if anyone come and dare me to play!
and I am also 24/7 equipped with A revolver
There goes an old lady talk to me at the training ground. Asking me If I want to escape out of this stupid training ground.
She is also known as the Mother Russia of Russian's Spy 105
I had giving an opportunity, to complete a mission!
To kill a betrayer of the Russian spy.
He is a well trained, strong, active, & a highly dangerous suspect
or normally rather call him as Baboon Tan
Yes all I have to do is hunt him down! Using all my resources.
One of my greatest weapon will be the Sony Bloggie
highly equipped with the finest bullet in the world, smallest diameter of 1mm
faster speed, pass through your heart in 1 second.
sexy pink color that attracts him
5megapixels camera to keep track of him by taking his pictures.
I have to trust myself that I am going to hunt him down and life with a normal life after this mission! I must find out why am I here.

This post is based on my creativity for the Salt movie (Nuffnang) contest purpose

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  1. EE kor! can you dont write so nice one?? Dont rebut sony bloggie w me!!! hahaha



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