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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DOUBLE DOZE! What you What you waiting for!

In case if you are wondering why the hell did I post so many movie post, this is the reason why.
I have been preparing for quite some time for the next 2 post!

A DOUBLE DOZE for you all!
Met 3 super stars in 1 month!
Guess who is the one below?
give you some hint! Latest Hitz at radio sing by a Malaysian singer with American singer!
edit2mark [1024x768]

How about this? Watcha say about him?
he is born in Miami, Florida! 
guess who is it!

Do stay tune my blog alright?
Guess correctly and I shall reveal who is it at the next post!


  1. Urgh....... the name starts with a big C. Correct? :)

  2. @Shannon, wait till the next post then i will reveal the answer! thanks for participate. =)

    @Rolling, you are almost there! ^^

  3. I know I know! Colby 'O' Donis, Mizz Nina and Jason

  4. i noe dee la.
    same answer as chen lin =D

  5. WAH so obvious also need to guess meh? LOL



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