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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

"I am Alice, I am Alice, any survivors out there, please reply me!" I broadcast through the radio station.
I had been searching around if there is any human survivors around in this world, I know there are not many but I still trust myself there is!

Nothing is more suffer than having bad dreams every night. Killing all the zombies is not an easy task, even killing the
Umbrella Corporation chairman - Albert Wesker is much tougher.
I had been thinking how to end the Umbrella Corporation, I should create a new virus to be spread to the whole world, to recover all of them from the T-virus!
I shall name it the BB-vaccine
I know it is hard to create, it require all the scientific equipment. It's good that Umbrella Corporation have all the scientific research around the world, I am able to do hijacked one of the research centre.

After a few years doing research with my genius partner Jackson, we finally invented the new virus!
However, it is quite difficult to inseminate and distribute the vaccine.

The ONLY WAY is to grant control of the Umbrella Corporation.
I am able to take down Albert Wesker easily after injecting the BB virus to him.
He lost all of his abilities and super power and he slowly transform into a human.

I gained control of the Umbrella Corporation, and I distribute the latest vaccine to all the prisoners and slowly to the whole world.


This post is based on my creativity and for RESIDENT EVIL: AFTER LIFE contest.
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  1. Insemination is the introduction of sperm into the female uterus...


  2. You can use inoculation.

    I've watched people played the game before, I say it's awesome! Anyone enjoy biology?

  3. haha great post bro! and all the best for the comp!

    do check out my entry as well ya?



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