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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jason Derulo live in Dragonfly

 IMG_5228mark [1024x768]
Date: 21 July 2010
Time: 8pm

Venue: Dragonfly Club, Kuala Lumpur

Baboon, Ryan & Jason
IMG_5231mark [1024x768]

Down there is too packed so we decided to go up.
met up with Boon Khen 
IMG_5314mark [1024x768]

IMG_5330mark [1024x768]

Emcee of the night - JJ & Ian from
IMG_5813mark [1024x768]

After that,he appear!
I can listen to all the girls screaming with high pitch!
IMG_5392mark [1024x768]

IMG_5493mark [1024x768]

Besides singing, he is quite talented in dancing too.
IMG_5398mark [1024x768]

IMG_5431mark [1024x768]

The crowd even went crazy when he slowly move closer to them.
IMG_5470mark [1024x768]

He does wear shades while performing
wonder if he can see anything
IMG_5511mark [1024x768]

IMG_5531mark [1024x768]

He is pointing YOU!
IMG_5544mark [1024x768]

The crowd
IMG_5551mark [1024x768]

He asked the crowd to sing along.
IMG_5564mark [1024x768]

IMG_5559mark [1024x768]

And this girl is so lucky.
Personally chosen by Jason to be on the stage with him.
IMG_5573mark [1024x768]

I know she can't resist it!
A big hug!
IMG_5598mark [1024x768]

Time to show some...
IMG_5616mark [1024x768]
IMG_5681mark [1024x768]

WOW! Admire his 6 packs?
IMG_5690mark [1024x768]

After the break time, he is asking "Who wants my shirt?"
IMG_5695mark [1024x768]

Last performance!
IMG_5738mark [1024x768]

IMG_5794mark [1024x768]

Autograph session is the next, but I went home.
Heard that he sign for like 30minutes to 1 hour.

Some of the songs he perform,  Whatcha say, In my head, Ridin Solo & Love hangover
Thank you so much Pei Li (KrazyGal) for the invites!
Hope to see you soon.

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