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Saturday, August 14, 2010

LG Cookie Monster (Part 2)

continue from the previous post PART 1

so straight after the female nuffies dance the Nobody dance.
IMG_6075mark [1024x768]

There is a bidding game. The LG Cookie Biding Game.
We are required to collect all this chips for the biding session.
IMG_6098mark [1024x768]
Everyone is so excited, run here and there to look for the cookies.
We can get the cookies from the nuffies if we learn the Nobody dance too.
After 15minutes, all the bidder start to gather infront.
 IMG_6106editmark [1024x768]
So, the highest bidder require to eat a flavor cookie (blueberry,strawberry and etc)
before they get their prizes.

 this is JonYKT
feel good to taste the cookie?
IMG_6100editmark [1024x768]
He is very happy with his prize.
IMG_6105editmark [1024x768]
Guess what Msxeroz get?
I think you are not the one who get 1 pack of DutchLady milk right?
 IMG_6091editmark [1024x768]
I am sure Cayenne doesn't want to eat this.
IMG_6096editmark [1024x768]
here is the final bidding session, everyone is getting so excited.
Count the cookies!
IMG_6107editmark [1024x768]
Who will be the final bid winner?
IMG_6108editmark [1024x768]
Is it Jamie , RedMummy and the gang?
IMG_6112editmark [1024x768]
Congrats! I hope she get something nice!
IMG_6113mark [1024x768]

During each interval, they will have lucky draw.
Congrats Henry Lee for winning LG digital photo frame.
IMG_6086editmark [1024x768]

Not to forget that, the Best dressed Male & Female is entitle to win
a LG Cookie 3G phone.
Here is the 5 male finalist

IMG_6160editmark [1024x768]
and 5 female finalist
IMG_6161mark [1024x768]
normally we will have a cat walk,
but this time MONSTER WALK from all the finalist
Collage [1024x768]

So who is going to win a LG phone back home?

Congrats Predator who won the Best Dressed Male
and Congrats Coco the mummy monster
who won the Best Dressed Female
*She looks so serious, I wonder if she is happy?*
IMG_6203editmark [1024x768]
Both of them won a LG Cookie 3G phone.

Next, we have 3 finalist for the Pre event blog post
MsXeroz TheEggYolks Pinkaholiclydia
each get to win a Cookie LG phone.
IMG_6183editmark [1024x768]

Next, photo session with the bloggers.
with Bunny Jolyn
IMG_6079editmark [1024x768]
with Porshe Cayenne
IMG_6129editmark [1024x768]
with Vince
IMG_6231editmark [1024x768]
with Timothy & Audrey
IMG_6214editmark [1024x768]
The LG staffs with Best dressed male & female
IMG_6217editmark [1024x768]
spotted Niki Cheong was there too.
IMG_6234editmark [1024x768]
with Shii Teck, Carmen,and my new friends Edwin, Calvin, XiaoTong
IMG_6238editmark [1024x768]
it's time to put an end to the blog post!
GOODBYE everyone!
see you all at the next event
IMG_6226editmark [1024x768]
 This is the goodies bag we received
 I love the Evian Water by Paul Smith
IMG_6257editmark [1024x768]

Certainly I do enjoy myself! It is nice to meet new bloggers too!
Thanks to LG and Nuffnang for the wonderful events.
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