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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mizz Nina Album Launch ft Colby O'Donis (Part 1)

Date: 17 July 2010
Time: 3pm
Venue: Zouk Club, Jln Ampang

Yen told me about the Mizz Nina album launch, then I asked her if I could tag along. 
End up her friend cannot make it, so I tag along with her.
First time entering Zouk Club, feel kinda excited and wonder how is it look like.
IMG_4550mark [1024x768]

Reached there at about 3pm, and I really can't wait for Mizz Nina and Colby.
IMG_4788mark [1024x768]

Yen is excited to meet and greet Mizz Nina & Colby.
IMG_4565editmark [1024x768]

So do I.
IMG_4567editmark [1024x768]

Mizz Nina's merchandise after the entrance.
range from earphone, shirts, & blackberry/Iphone cover sell at RM1480
IMG_4577editmark [1024x768]

It's quite late already cause they started their performance for the media.
I went in and the media interview session started.
I just can't resist to take their photos.
But first of all look at the medias.
IMG_4666editmark [1024x768]

The main highlight!
IMG_4598editmark [1024x768]

The Producer, Mizz Nina & Colby
IMG_4623mark [1024x768]

They are so sweet! Shiny bright smile.
IMG_4638editmark [1024x768]

They look serious during the interview session.
IMG_4642editmark [1024x768]

Have to tell you that Colby like to act cute too.
Grab few shots of Him doing some cute expression.
IMG_4656editmark [1024x768]

How about this? *evil grins*
IMG_4671editmark [1024x768]

Posing for the media.
IMG_4732editmark [1024x768]
IMG_4737editmark [1024x768]

Mizz Nina with her new album- What You Waitng For.
IMG_4758editmark [1024x768]
IMG_4770editmark [1024x768]

He says, Lets Support Mizz Nina!
IMG_4801editmark [1024x768]

After the media interview session, all of us went out and took some photos.
Mizz Nina & Colby with his cute pose.
IMG_4833mark [1024x768]
IMG_4857editmark [1024x768]

Some of the loyal fans already start to queue up before the event started.
IMG_4868editmark [1024x768]

Next up, the meet and greet session.


  1. @Nicole, haha! I remember the Ambassador of OSIM or Ogawa wear the same shirt!

  2. Wow. U blogged already. Me not yet. :( Too much backdated stuffs to settle. Oh gawd!



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