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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mizz Nina Album Launch ft Colby O'Donis (Part 2)

The organizer guide us to BarSonic for the meet and greet session.

They gave us a album and a earphone 
IMG_4879editmark [1024x768]

These are the cup cakes for us to eat.
IMG_4911mark [1024x768]
IMG_4906editmark [1024x768]

Finally they arrived and yeah! we are so close with them.
Lucky to be the first one lining up!
Colby signing his poster & Mizz Nina's CD
IMG_4914editmark [1024x768]
Mizz Nina signing the album & poster
IMG_4915editmark [1024x768]
Yen feel so happy! *yay their signature*
IMG_4919editmark [1024x768]
A close up with Mizz Nina while Colby went to the toilet.
IMG_4921editmark [1024x768]
Group photo
The end of the meet & greet session.
Yen & I hang around.
Look at the crowd waiting for Mizz Nina.
IMG_4954editmark [1024x768]

Something cool I found at the bar.
Please choose your drink? I prefer Whisky.
IMG_4923editmark [1024x768]

Before I leave. saw this
"Zouk welcome you to the Pleasuredome"
IMG_4976editmark [1024x768]

I forget to take a photo with Yen, but here is it!
IMG_4985editmark [1024x768]

Those who attend the Meet & Greet Mizz Nina & Colby received limited edition Mizz Nina headphones, personalized signatures Mizz Nina and Colby on the poster and CD!
IMG_5041editmark [1024x768]
IMG_5023mark [1024x768]

IMG_5031editmark [1024x768]

and lastly really thanks to Hotlink & Yen for the invites!
thank you so much!
IMG_5042editmark [1024x768]

It's actually nice to see that, our local stars have a collaboration with a superstars.
This is a nice song.

Mizz Nina's official website
Check out her profile too!

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  1. What are the black boxes for?isizt a drink holder or a beer testing side??



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