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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

One day, a loving, unassuming and naive couple entered "La Loca" Restaurant to have an ordinary lunch just like any other ordinary day.
It was their 1st month anniversary; they intend to have a romantic celebration.
However, as things have it, most stories don't end that way.

Things were going well and dessert was served.
IMG_8043 [800x600]3

William, being the smooth and suave gentleman, slowly leaned across the table to give Jess a passionate kiss.
IMG_8067 [800x600]1

Jess got excited, her heart was pounding feverishly, her cheeks were flushed as she anticipates for the moment.
Suddenly, she had an epiphany!
She forgot that her lips are always dry!

What would William think? Kissing parched lips? Ugh!
IMG_8147edit [800x600]1

Almost abruptly, she pulled away.
IMG_8098 [800x600]1

The moment is gone! a thousand question raced through Williams mind,
was it his breath? Or his armpits? Maybe he didn't shave?
IMG_8123 [800x600]1

Everything turned out to be quite awkward and they ended their date after that.

Jess yearned and pined for William after that as she left him confused and bemused.
IMG_8178edit [800x600]1

William said bye to her and walked off.
IMG_8180edit [800x600]

Jess was disappointed with herself.
As things would have it, she told me the whole story and 

I introduced the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to her. 
It is one of the favorite Vaseline's products among females
 IMG_9395 [1024x768]

Even my mum uses it every night.
It is suitable for your hand, lips and the delicate skin on your "si fat" buttocks!
(Hopefully my mum doesn't apply it to me when I am a little boy)

Jess uses it for few weeks, and she doesn't have dry parched lips anymore.
She becomes more confident, and of course she won't pull away from a kiss next time.
 IMG_9532edit [1024x768]

By using this, skin that is dry and chapped is protected from drying elements, enabling skin-softening moisture to build up naturally from inside the skin itself.

Vaseline introduced a new and improved series of BODY & SKIN lotion recently and it caters to different skin needs.

If you wish to focus on your skin only, this is the product to look out for.

there happens to be another interesting anecdote that i would like to share.

Sarah, a close fried of mine is a gifted ballet dancer.
IMG_9417edit [1024x768]

Most of the time, she would practice inside an air-conditioned room.
IMG_9430edit [1024x768]

However, she never realized the repercussions of the cold dry air on her skin.
Her priority was always to focus on practice and to attain the right posture.
As such, she has neglected her skin.

One fine day, her friend met her in the resting room.
IMG_9445edit [1024x768]

Apparently, her friend, Anna found out that her skin is very dry.
IMG_9451edit [1024x768]

She told her the importance of having a moisture & smooth skin.
It is even more important for a dancer as looks and presentation are factors that should be taken into account. It might boost her confidence in ballet dancing.

Anna introduced the 4 NEW series of Body lotion to her.
Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool and Fresh

Since her skin is dry, it is suitable to use the Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion.
IMG_9457edit2 [1024x768]

Anna then brought her to the nearest pharmacy and bought the  
Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion.
IMG_9479edit [1024x768]

Soon, Sarah started applying the lotion all over her body DAILY.
IMG_9474 [1024x768]mark

At first, she is quite worry about sticky & greasy? Don't worry!
Because it is well enhanced with non-greasy formula that nourishes your skin
and leave your skin feeling SILKY SOFT & SMOOTH.
IMG_9468 [1024x768]

The following few weeks, her skin became healthy and thoroughly moisturized as compared to her previously dry skin.

VASELINE Total Moisture replenishes her dry skin to a 100% of daily hydration
along with the essential VITAMIN E (Oat extracts) and PROTEIN from Soya.
IMG_9460edit2 [1024x768]

 She became more confident in showing her body when dancing. 
No more worries about dry, parched skin! 
It is 10x more moisture.
(so smooth-ie)
IMG_9492 copyeditmark

She felt more vibrant, energetic, and more fluent in executing tough stunts.
IMG_9523 copymark [1024x768]

During the ballet competition, she won't get annoyed by worrying how dry is her skin.
She is able to dance well in every single move.

She won over the judges' hearts during the competion. 
Her gracefulness was inimitable!

I truly think that CONFIDENCE is the key factor of SUCCESS!
Eventually, with that ADDED boost of confidence from Vaseline
she WON the prize!

What about me?
If you are wondering, how come Baboon is not using any?

Hey! I am using it too!
( I got a fair skin!)

So if you are asking me ARE YOU MOIST ENOUGH?

Why not just directly ask me at the Luna Bar?
Maybe I would have just JUMP into the POOL to see how moisture i am!
Then I won't be moisturized but WET by that time.

This post is based on my creativity and for contest purpos.
P/S: I will write a behind the scenes of doing this contest post next week


  1. whoa u sure used a lot of frens for this post!

  2. wow so creative (: good luck and all the best!

  3. Awesome post! Thumbs up for your creativity!

  4. @Lukey, yeah! 4 friends! :)
    @Hilda, thanks girl! you post was nice too!
    @Kian Fai, thanks bro!
    @Jfook, thank you! Lets JUMP!

  5. Wow..a long post. All the best to u..and hope to see u there too!

  6. haha..nice write up eh~ got story line some more~

    all the best~

  7. LOL @ "whoa u sure used a lot of frens for this post!"

    so geng ler, ur friends are so nice! haha, i think u'll surely get the invites la :D



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