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Friday, September 3, 2010

Clinique Star Tour announces 3 winners

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 Date: 2 September 2010
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Yogitree @ The Gardens Midvalley

I am sure most of the girls out there know about Clinique Star Tour began in July 2010, I am invited by Feeq to join a appreciation dinner announcing the 3 winners in the presence of esteemed partners, friends & media.

What really impress me is that, there are 2,019 participants participated the Clinique Star Tour in the 20 locations travel around in Klang Valley, Nilai, Melaka, Perak and Penang. There are given options to join the contest.

We arrived at there. The registration counter.
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During the campaign, 1,440 participated in the contest whereby their photos were uploaded to Clinique Star Tour website, the judges will then short listed 255 participants of which Malaysians then voted their top 25 favourites.
During the voting phase, 40,033 visited the website with 10,350 people voted!
From the top 25 favourites, the organizers picked the top 3.
( You should feel proud & confident of yourself when you had enter the top 25, because the chances of getting into the top 25 is just 10%)

Sharyn Wong, Clinique brand manager gives a welcome speech to all of us.
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She enthuses, "Clinique Star Tour was indeed an exciting experience for us, the participants were all so eager to experience the Star Tour makeover, we were more than happy to obliges, as the essences of Clinique Star Tour is reaching out to the young, and giving them this priceless experience.

Cleo Magazines representative.
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She says that, it is a good experience to collaborate with Clinique, it really inspires them and gives them a brand new experience, especially getting to know so many potential young girls.

Next, a short clip for us.
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Watch it here.
Spotted Vivian & Wai Yan
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Emcee announces the winners.
she adds, "Both Cleo and Clinique had to make very difficult decisions. To us, every participant is a winner. We finally found our 3 Clinique Star Tour winners who best embody the spirit of Clinique - Intelligent, Confident, Vivacious and celebrating her own uniqueness."

The winners are Tan Chammaine, Sharon Kaur, De Drous Charlotte Mei
which significantly represents the multi-cultural race of Malaysia.
Chammaine, Charlotte, Sharon

Each winner receives RM5000 worth of Clinique products, personalized to their skin needs
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RM1000 voucher from Salon Espirit
Chammaine, Charlotte, Sharon

and a Sony S Frame
Chammaine, Charlotte, Sharon

and the most coveted prize - the lifetime experience of gracing the COVER of a magazine, and in this case Cleo Magazine in the November issue. Do stay tune and check it out.
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Bloggers attended: Baboon & Shannon , Rachel (below) Feeq ( right)
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Awesome foods provided by Yogitree
Sept 2 blog [1024x768]mark
Sept 2 blog1 [1024x768]mark

and lastly, thanks to Clinique's staff who had work hard for this road show.
Clinique Staff & 3 winners
The staffs are very friendly as most of them greet us & talk to us.
Bump into a staff which is Smashpop & Shaz 's ex colleague, they were working at
Actually it good to know and listen to people's experience, you learn something out of it.

Congratulation to the winners!


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