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Monday, September 20, 2010

CoCo Loco @ Snowflakes

Last Monday (13/9/10), I fetched my friends to SS15 to buy a birthday cake for Sine Yee's birthday at Amanda's house.We passed by SS15 Asia Cafe after buying the cake.
I have the feeling that there will be a car reverse out then I will have parking to eat Snowflakes.
I told my friends: "If there is a car reverse out then we shall eat snowflakes."
The next moment I saw a women walking towards her car and reverse out her car.

I know it's faith to eat snowflakes, when my car just park right in front of Snow Flakes entrance.
My friends just can't stop laughing.
I decided to try the new flavor CoCo LoCo
what does it contains?
 I love the new Coconut Ice, you can smell the sweet coconut taste!
it is serve best with other toppings as well.
Rating: 7/10

my friend had this
the normal set.

 celebrating the best of Malaysia with a Taiwanese twist!

go try it out if you are free, make sure you ask me to tag along k?


  1. I heard a lot abt snowflakes but I've never try it yet D: Btw, is taro balls made from sweet potato?

  2. i wish i'm in PJ right now! i love desserts!

  3. @hilda : er taro balls is made from yam ~~~
    @simon : rmb call me bro ^^

  4. Yea , Snowflake is awesome ! I eat few times dy , love the Taro balls. Will definitely try the coco loco next time i go , it's look delicious ! =) Thanks for sharing , dude . =)

  5. New branch in Sunway Giza already! I dont have to run that far to Subang next time =D

  6. @Jayren, yeah! if you like coconut taste, that would be great!

    @cayenne, serious? thanks for the info!

  7. yummy... there's one at sunway giza... too bad i didnt get to taste it last nite at pavilion~



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