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Monday, September 13, 2010

Zu Peng's birthday @ Shogun

Date: 8 Aug 2010
Time: 12pm
Venue: Shogun @ Sunway Pyramid

Happy birthday 
Zu Peng (2nd bro)
IMG_6652edit [Desktop Resolution]mark 

It started quite randomly, how he became my 2nd brother. Did I mention I have 4 gay brothers?
To be precise, the 4 brothers from SUC. We party together, we share our problems together, we study hard together. Shall introduce 4 of them next time.

This is not my 1st visit to Shogun.
So yeah, the moment I step in, I feel so tempted with sashimi.
I tell myself to control and continue to sit down with the rest before I start to eat like nobody's business.
This place is reserved for
it's not U, but it's my friend. His surname, U

started off by chit-chatting & taking photographs
Zu Peng with his mum, sister & Jesslyn.
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with Wai Yeow & Zu Peng
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when I saw the big fat manager brought the oyster!
I know it's nom nom time!
had 1/2 dozen of oysters.
*freshness: 7/10 *
IMG_0447edit [1024x768]mark
 Variety of Sushi at the Sushi Bar
you get what you want, oops! i forget to order my favourite california roll
IMG_0448edit [1024x768]mark

Sashimi : Salmon & Tuna belly
*feel the tasty-ness with lemon! *
IMG_0449edit [1024x768]mark
After rounds of eating.
IMG_0452edit2 [1024x768]mark

Who care the shit of my weight? I am just 62kg!
IMG_0457edit [1024x768]mark

grill lame lamb and baked oyster
*baked oyster sucks!, go for the fresh want.*
IMG_0455edit [1024x768]mark

the sweet Jesslyn prepare this cake.
some mixture of small cakes for the birthday boy.
IMG_6688 [Desktop Resolution]mark

after all the boring singing session.
I say:"why not I feed you?"
IMG_6712 [Desktop Resolution]mark

and here you go with the rest follow what I do.
I think he is going to puke. really?
starting from the top Hon Leong, Wai yeow, Mee Juen, Yvonne, 
Lee Teen, Jesslyn, His sis and the finale- Jason
Blog [Desktop Resolution]mark

you know after 2-3 rounds of foods, I need to walk around to digest the food
So just be the camera man, walking around to take photos.

with Hon Leong bank and Jason
IMG_6668 [Desktop Resolution]mark

with Hon Leong and Chay Leng
IMG_6568 [Desktop Resolution]mark

last but not least The hardcore gay gang
IMG_6648 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Wishes: all the best in your life! Study hard, play harder! Enjoy!

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Photos credit to 
Chay Leng & Jason (his post)


  1. When I saw the first pic, I thought you photoshopped your face become rounder or something, cos two of you do look alike HAHAHA. XD

  2. @Jfook, WTF!? lol you are the first one who says we two look alike! haha.

  3. ur header... is awesome... lol... and the Mr U! whoa.. unique name lol

  4. Drolling after reading yr post! HAHA I've never seen people with the surname U.

  5. u're funny... hon leong dashed bank.

  6. @Hilda, my friend is one! damn awesome right/

    @Shumeen, his nickname is Hong Leong Bank

    @Xiaopei, I hope you eat too! so that you can grow fat like me!



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